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Toyota’s Uncontrolled Acceleration Causes Death and Lawsuit against the Manufacturer

2007-2009 Toyota Camry photographed in College...

2007-2009 Toyota Camry photographed in College Park, Maryland, USA. Category:Toyota Camry (XV40) Category:Silver Toyota sedans (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In Sacramento, another driver fell victim to a Camry’s inability to stop; but this time, the consequence was fatal. Mussarat Chaudhary drowned in the Sacramento River after her 2009 Toyota lunged forward into the water.

Toyota’s issues with the uncontrolled acceleration have caused attention, despite the company’s refusal to publicly announce them. This accident was clearly caused by the defect in the model. Chaudhary was on the phone with her daughter as she lost control of her vehicle, crying, “I can’t stop the vehicle, I can’t control the vehicle.” And then it was too late to do anything.

Because of the death of the wife and mother was caused by the company and not the woman herself, Chaudhary’s family is suing Toyota for damages and to create awareness of the manufacturing problem. Previous cases where drivers experienced uncontrolled acceleration have been settled out of court with Toyota, but now having an official lawsuit filed against the company could help prevent future injuries and deaths.

Toyota is currently in the middle of a recall involving Takata airbags in its early-2000 models. Though the fault lies with the airbag manufacturer, Toyota is receiving a large amount of negative attention. The negative attention stems from cases like Chaudhary’s and is really causing doubts for current and future Toyota owners.

Accidents like this are tragic and uncontrollable. Knowing what to do after experiencing a serious accident is often confusing, but vital. Contact a car accident lawyer today.

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Four Dead, One Critically Wounded in Home Invasion

Home Invasion

Home Invasion (Photo credit: Jason Edward Scott Bain)

With no real motive or clear explanation in immediate reach, investigators are trying to understand what made a man enter a Sacramento home and kill four people. With four wrongful deaths on the suspect’s hands, questions of “What made him do it?” and “Why would he do it” are floating about. Many wonder whether the shooting was gang-related.

Purposely inflicting personal injury on a victim or causing wrongful deaths is never acceptable. The killing of an innocent life is seen as harsh and brutal, often as heartless. Dealing with the aftermath of an overwhelming injury or death event takes a heavy toll on an individual. Often victims and survivors will ask “Why did it happen?” and sadly, that question sometimes goes unanswered.

Gunfire was fired on Saturday night, June 9 in a Sacramento home as reports were called in to the police station. One man, the suspect, entered a residential home and shot at the people present. Police officers believe the attack to be a home invasion but could not confirm if that was the case since there were no signs of a forceful entry.

A husband and wife were killed during the shooting while their son confronted and shot at the home intruder. The suspect is currently in critical yet stable condition as of Sunday, June 10. The two other guests in the home were also attacked and shot. One victim in the shooting was critically wounded while four other victims were found dead. The husband and wife are believed to be in their 50s while another victim is said to be in the mid-20s. No other names or information have been released yet.

The last two bodies were removed from the home on Sunday night, June 10. About half a dozen rifles were also seen being carried out by crime scene investigators. The weapons were put in a police van.

Neighbors have claimed that they did not hear the shootings. One male claimed he thought he had heard fireworks but did not think anything of it. It wasn’t until the police arrived at the scene of the crime that neighbors realized something unusual had happened.

Gang violence has long been associated with the Hmong community. The husband who was shot and killed was known as a shaman, a faith healer, in the Hmong community.

While gang violence is very unnecessary, experiencing a wrongful death of a loved one is also a grievous and traumatic event to live through. The victims in this brutal home invasion were subjected to wrongful deaths by the suspect.

Home invasions, violence, and other personal harm should never be experienced by an individual. However, if similar instances do occur to you or a loved one, know that there are experienced law attorneys willing to fight on your side. There are Sacramento personal injury lawyers willing to help victims file a claim and fight the violence that was unnecessarily inflicted upon them. Don’t allow a wrongful death or personal injury get in the way of justice, consult with an attorney today.