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Man Found 1 Week after San Jose Car Accident

After a meek one hour search of a man involved in a San Jose car accident, California Highway Patrol allegedly stopped the “thorough” investigation. After a week passed, two officers went back to the scene looking for clues only to find the man unconscious and in critical condition.

An area of the Sierre Madre jungle

An area of the Sierre Madre jungle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The victim Michael Sanchez Jr. was found unconscious Tuesday a week after the incident that occurred on May 8, 2012. He was faintly breathing and in a tattered and critical condition. Police were searching for clues through dense brush and trees directly below an off-ramp on Highway 101 in the southern San Jose area when they found him. This was under the same off-ramp where the overturned truck had been towed. Sanchez had been in an apparent single-vehicle crash. Witnesses reported a man climbed out of the overturned truck and left the area before the arrival of CHP.

When Sanchez failed to show for a funeral two days after the crash, his family reported him missing. An aberration to his character he had also failed to return any phone calls. Various witnesses, including the tow truck driver where aloof as to the location of Sanchez and whether or not he was alive. He was left stranded for a week without food or water.

CHP Lt. Les Bishop told San Jose Mercury News that the search crew had performed a thorough search. Using high powered lights, they searched the immediate area, including: the brush, freeway shoulders, neighborhoods and an adjacent park.

Sanchez was transported to a local hospital where he is stable but critical condition. His family and officials were astonished that the man had survived a whole week without substance.

Initially police had trouble connecting the case of the missing person to that of the person in the crash since his pickup was registered in the city of Visalia and not San Jose. This delayed the time in which officials were able to respond to the victim’s family.

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Car Kills 18-Year-Old San Jose Bicyclist

Santa Clara, CA –A San Jose teen-aged cyclist died in Santa Clara Tuesday night when he collided with a car.

Intersection of Santa Clara County Route G4, S...

Intersection of Santa Clara County Route G4, San Tomas Expressway, with Monroe Street, in Santa Clara, California. The view is facing southbound on the expressway, from the top of the overpass over the Caltrain tracks. Photographed and uploaded by user Coolcaesar on August 1, 2005. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

California Highway Patrol and local paramedics tended to the accident on Monroe Street near San Tomas Expressway at about 10:45 p.m. minutes after the car accident occurred.

Santa Clara County Coroner’s office identified the bicyclist as Jose Arreola, eighteen-years-of-age resident of San Jose. A 32-year-old from Santa Clara who was driving the Toyota Camry sedan that hit the victim was not hurt.

The intentions of the Camry driver were to cross the intersection. The light of the street the Camry was traveling on was green, thus allowing the Camry the right away. Then the cyclist crossed the road in front of the Camry. Noticing the cyclist, the driver of the Camry pumped its breaks and made serious efforts to stop the vehicle.

Unfortunately, the car hit the cyclist.

Arreola had been riding in between the crosswalk and was knocked outside of it from the hit. He was ejected from his bicycle and hit the road with great force. He was allegedly not wearing a helmet at the time of the crash. He received serious injuries and trauma to his head.

Succumbed to unconsciousness by the impact of the hit he laid on the ground bleeding and helpless.

Emergency services arrived to the scene and loaded Arreola onto a gurney and into the ambulance. He was being transported to Valley Medical Center for treatment. He received life-threatening injuries as a result of the accident and died. He was declared dead by hospital physicians and transported to the county coroners.

CHP did not arrest the driver of the Camry. According to various sources, the driver was not under the influence of alcohol nor drugs. From what the evidence allegedly shows, the driver was not held at fault.

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San Jose Woman Killed in Car Crash

San Jose, CA – One woman was killed and another was injured in a head-on car collision that occurred Saturday night.

The sunset silhouettes a FedEx plane and the B...

The sunset silhouettes a FedEx plane and the Bank of America Building's tower in downtown San Jose, CA, as the plane approaches Mineta San Jose International Airport. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A Honda Civic and a Dodge Caravan crashed at about 11:55 p.m. Saturday at Miramontes Point Road. Officers closed the road for three hours and a half while they cleared and investigated the scene.

According to Half Moon Bay Review, Kathryn Habenicht of San Jose died from the accident; she was twenty-years old. There was a 44-year old woman from San Gregorio that was transported to a local hospital, she received major injuries.

California Highway Patrol declined to provide further details to the accident.

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San Jose Woman
Killed in Car Crash

San Jose, CA – One woman was killed and another was injured
in a head-on car collision that occurred Saturday night