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Bullets, Car Crash and Fire Hydrant Injures 3 near Sacramento

Modesto, CA – A driver who was struck by a bullet was in critical condition after he crashed his car and hit two pedestrians. The collision sent all three to the hospital Wednesday evening.

No target shooting - Sign is located at mile 8...

No target shooting - Sign is located at mile 80.5 of the Seward Highway at 20 mile creek. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A 21-year-old man sped away in a BMW to escape the bullets being shot at him after an altercation with a group of people near a Modesto park. A bullet hit him but he continued to drive away with an 18-year-old passenger who was in the backseat until they crashed.

The accident happened at around 7:00 p.m. on the 500 block of Hammond Street near Rouse Avenue. He hit: a parked car first then a fire hydrant, two pedestrians and another parked car.

Paramedics transported the driver to a local hospital where he was treated for serious injuries. The two pedestrians received minor injuries and were transported to a local hospital as well. The 18-year-old passenger was not injured according to the Modesto Bee.
Police are investigating the accident and are searching for the person who shot the bullets.

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