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Car Strikes 9-Year-Old Girl and Uncle

Taft, CA – A car struck and injured two pedestrians, one of which was a young girl, when they attempt to cross the street near Bakersfield Saturday night.

Niece, Alcyone Stepney (1876-1952) by Millais

Niece, Alcyone Stepney (1876-1952) by Millais (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A man and his niece were crossing the street in between the crosswalk at Kern Street and English Street heading southbound on the west side of the intersection when a vehicle noticed them, then slammed the brakes to avoid the collision. Another vehicle allegedly traveling close behind it also slammed his brakes but the vehicle skidded into the sidewalk striking the man and his niece at about 9:00 p.m. Break dust and tire smoke filled the air while the man laid on the crosswalk trying to understand what happened.

Help was called and paramedics and ambulance crews arrived to assist the victims. The older man had received moderate injuries. The 9-year-old girl who was walking about received minor injuries. Both were transported to a local Bakersfield hospital for treatment.

Kern County firefighters assisted in clearing the scene and co-coordinating the treatment of the victims. From the injuries, it seems as if the man took the majority of the hit.

Family members arrived to the scene as well and according to identified the victims as Simon Maui and his niece Shannaney Iakopo.

The victims are expected to recover.

Police will investigate the scene and have not reported if they will issue any citations.

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