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Jeep Wrangler Fire Hazard Recall

Chrysler Group LLC (CG), the American auto maker which manufactures Jeep is recalling year 2010 Jeep Wranglers. The recall is coming to light after the auto maker discovered a faulty transmission on a number of Wrangler sub compact SUV’s. CG announced the recall on the National Highway Traffic and Safety Association (NHTSA) website May 15, 2012.

Stock 2008 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sahara

Stock 2008 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sahara (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The recall specifically affects Jeep Wrangler vehicles equipped with an automatic transmission. Per the NHTSA announcement, it is estimated that about 67,872 of these vehicles manufactured need to be inspected by certified dealers.

Dealers will take a look at the transmission skid plate which is located near to the catalytic converter. When certain debris collects on the skid plate, there is a high chance it can catch fire which can put at risks the entire vehicle. To help prevent this, CG will contact owners and give them specific instructions on how to handle the recall.

If the dealership notices that there is a problem with the transmission which may lead to a fire, they will remove the skid plate and replace it with a skid bar free of charge beginning May 2012. Wrangler owners who have specific questions or concerns regarding their vehicle are encouraged to contact their dealers directly.

There have not been any published incidents regarding this recall. The transmission of a vehicle can usually be accessed from the underside. If there were a case in which the vehicle were to catch fire, attempting to access the bottom and putting out the fire with an extinguisher might not be advisable. It will be best if you contact fire authorities and have them deal with the issue. They have the experience and the tools to handle a vehicular fire.

It is dangerous to have a vehicle which is at risk of catching on fire especially in climate that is dry and is also hot such as certain inland California areas. These areas and their hills have been notorious for making news stories over the years where they have devastated entire communities and wildlife. The immensity of these fires engulfs them whole. People are evacuated and sent to spend the nights at school gyms or with relatives that do not live near the area.

Fire hazards are treacherous enough as they are and vehicles should not add to the terror. In case your vehicle catches on fire as a result of the recall and initiates some sort of accidental event contact the Accident Attorney’s Group.

You need to have an experienced California car accident lawyer who will fight for you. Someone who understands you recalls and the dangers they pose to your communities. The car accident lawyer who represents you should be a responsible citizen who shares the roads, highways, and interstates of your nation.