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Video Recording Fail San Francisco: Teen Driver Runs Over Two Motorcyclists and Get Beaten

A teen aged man recorded a pack of motorcyclist inside his vehicle and accidentally ran into two on a Belmont highway Sunday Morning. California Highway Patrol responded to the incident to discover that a few of the biker’s friends had beaten the teen driver after the accident.

Here's photos of the new Toyota Prius V (comin...

Here's photos of the new Toyota Prius V (coming in late 2011) next to my 2010 Toyota Prius. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

About 25 miles south of San Francisco a 19-year-old driving a Prius was for an unknown reason using his cell phone to record a pack of motorcycle riders on US Highway 101. When traffic slowed down in front of the Prius at about 8:00 a.m. the driver slammed on the brakes. To avoid hitting the car in front, he swerved the vehicle to the left hitting a motorcyclist in process. The Prius then slammed into the center divider, bounce back onto the lane and hit another motorcycle. In an attempt to avoid the crash, two other motorcyclists near the back of the pack tried to veer away but lost control and crashed.

When CHP arrived to the scene a pack of about 20 motorcycles were surrounding the Prius accosting the driver. Other motorcyclist and witnesses were tending to the injured victims.

Michael Manner of San Bruno, a 43-year old motorcyclist suffered broken ribs and a collapsed lung. He was transported to San Francisco General Hospital along with Reggie Santos, a 31-year-old and Fernando Robles, a 48-year-old, both from Castro Valley. They were treated for minor injuries.

David Ramirez, 46-years-old from San Carlos was transported to a private residence with a broken leg.

The 19-year-old was also taken to the hospital with minor injuries which he received after the accident happened. From the group of20 motorcyclists surrounding the Prius, someone had punched the driver on the head at least once. Another motorcyclist was threatening the 19-year-old with knife. There were two Hells Angels members amongst the crowd.

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CHP and detectives are still investigating the accident. The scene which happened near the Ralston Avenue exit was closed to traffic for 30 minutes. It is not clear if alcohol or drugs were a factor in the crash.