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High Speed Big Rig Crash on San Jose I-680

Onlookers from a freeway bridge gathered to watch as tow trucks pulled a jack knifed big rig off of a sedan Thursday Morning. A big rig fell on top of sedan crushing the whole passenger half. Unfortunately, the rollover accident took a life on San Jose’s interstate-680. It crushed a female that was in the front passenger seat and it barely missed crushing the driver. Investigations suggest that the person driving the big rig might have been trying to enter the freeway at excess speeds causing it to roll over. It was transporting produce.

Echium plantagineum (salvation Jane or Patters...

Echium plantagineum (salvation Jane or Patterson's curse) flowers in spring. Just off the freeway at Crafers, adelaide, South Australia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Paramedics responded to the scene at about ten in the morning soon after it was reported. The driver with a semi full of broccoli allegedly sped onto the highway ramp to enter 680-I northbound from the eastbound McKee Road per Officer DJ Sarabia. The driver lost traction of the big rig entering the freeway at high speeds driving on the cloverleaf onramp. The trailer began to tip over as it was entering the freeway next to a passing gray Toyota Camry that was occupied by two women.

The dark shadow of the trailer toppling over the vehicle was inescapable and was met when it did fall on the car. The Camry had no further space to move, it was already cornered at the edge of the road near the curb. When the Camry driver realized there might not be an escape, she drove onto the concrete and asphalt divider island. With the passenger wheel on the curb gutter and the driver wheel on top of the curb the vehicle was half on, half off the road. The trailer fell from the driver’s side of the rear taillight running diagonally to the front headlight crushing the top of the vehicle in a guillotine-type manner.

Crushed under the trailer, the passenger was killed instantaneously and declared dead on the scene, she was estimated to have been in her forties. The driver, a twenty-something who might have been the deceased victim’s daughter received only minor injuries. She was transported to Valley Medical Center and is expected to recover. She can also have the chance to win compensation if she calls a San Jose injury lawyer.

At about thirty-years-old, the driver of the semi was taken to Regional Medical Center in San Jose. He received critical injuries in the crash when his semi overturned. Investigations indicate that at the speeds the semi was traveling in were unsafe and caused the trailer which was full of broccoli to tip over – none of which fell out.

Brocolli, Unknown Cultivar

Brocolli, Unknown Cultivar (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The deceased victim will not be extricated from the vehicle until it is delivered to the coroner’s facilities away from the public. The trailer was turned right side up with the help of tow trucks and heavy duty chains. Investigation is ongoing. Those people who were in an accident are encouraged to contact a car accident lawyer.