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Life Jacket Trade-in Memorial Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend is coming and its bringing summer vacation around the corner. The season of watersports and boating activities will arrive sooner than you think… and so will the injuries. In an effort to increase the safety of water sports, various groups are gathering their resources to sponsor a special California event. Hosted inside various Sacramento Kohl’s stores, the 13th annual life jacket trade-in event will be happening soon. This event will give people the opportunity to have a life jacket specialist inspect their current jackets and ensure that they are adequate enough to serve as a human flotation device.

Life Jacket (PSF)

Life Jacket (PSF) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

California ranks second in the nation for boat related deaths; which could have had a higher chance of being prevented had the victims worn a proper safety floatation device. Life jackets are not discretional; a jacket too big or too small has the potential to do more harm than good. Similar to being on land, if a person is not wearing a seatbelt, and they were to get into an accident and get injured, they would have to call a car accident lawyer to help them earn some compensation. The duty of the U.S Coast Guard is to understand and know how to deal with water hazards. They compose strict regulations and guidelines aimed to increase the safety of a person in the water.

Sponsoring the event which will happen May 25, 2012 at Kohl’s stores throughout Sacramento will be: California Department of Boating and Waterways, Radio Disney and UC Davis Children’s Hospital. After having the life-jackets inspected by professionals, people will have the opportunity to trade-in their jacket for one that fits. All the jackets that will be traded will be new U.S. Coast Guard-approved jackets up until the jackets run out. There is no reason to get into a car accident along the way, but if that were to happen to you or someone you know contact a Sacramento car accident lawyer.

Sacramento County and Emergency and Medical Services Agency have sponsored a program that annually provides over 2,000 new life vests at river access stations along the American River. Access points along the American River have traditionally lends life vests to children who do not have any. City budget cuts forced the program to cease this year. To continue with the tradition which began in 2003, American River Parkway Foundation will allocate $10,000 towards the purchase of new life vests for this summer benefiting the “Kids Don’t Float” program.

Boating deaths and accidents in California per a Department of Boating and Waterways report release last year was: 512 boating accidents, 313 injuries and 54 fatalities. From those victims, three out of four were not wearing life jackets. Sometimes people are for unseen reasons knocked out and fall into the water. In times like those swimming proves useless to people who know how to swim.
Section of California law allegedly require that children under the ages of thirteen and everyone onboard of a personal watercraft or being towed behind a vessel must wear a Coast Guard-approved life jacket. All vessels must have enough jackets for everyone on board.