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San Bernardino County Can Lose $60 Million

Under a new revised budget proposal by Gov. Jerry Brown California can expect to eliminate welfare and food stamp programs and hundreds of jobs. Many people are under the constant misconception that losing welfare only affects the people receiving it in the lower income brackets. When in reality, welfare employs thousands of professional nationwide to provide and aid in the admiration of the services. The budget will cut administrative and welfare funding costing San Bernardino (SB) jobs. The county’s Transitional Assistance Department (TAD) estimates Brown’s proposal will result in a loss of about $60 million.

English: Jerry Brown's official picture as Att...

English: Jerry Brown's official picture as Attorney General and as Governor (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In a memo from the county Department of Legislative Affairs, Brown’s revision of the 2012-13 state budgets will face a countywide $126 million reduction. That is a great amount that will not be allocated towards must needed SB services. About 275 jobs across the county will be in jeopardy and so will morale. Moral will only further dissipate into the abyss because administrative services will not see the $1.7 million they expected. The net county share program will be $10 million short this year too.

San bernardino County

San bernardino County (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

SB’s TAD has estimated that the administrative funding for the food stamps program will have to prepare itself for a reduction of about 75 positions. It will have to face a six million dollar reduction. If any of these workers were to be in car accident, they would be in a tough position. Losing a job means losing benefits which often include health care. Not having work means not having money to pay for the bills. You would have to consider hiring a San Bernardino car accident lawyer that can help you win that settlement you need to get back on your feet.

The program facing a greater reduction is a cut in $54 million in program and administrative funding for the welfare division. This cut can cause at least 5,000 families to lose access to welfare and nearly 30,000 families will have to face meager benefits far from acceptable per the expectations of the budget revision reductions.

Brown’s revision demonstrates a $15.7 billion dollar deficit almost twice of the projected $9.2 billion deficit. This windfall will surely affect most programs across California. This means that across California people will have to face a either a job loss or a reduction in benefits or public services. Brown blames rising costs, unreal expectations and decisions taken by federal courts to block cuts of certain programs. This faux pa will not be too pretty when a victim of a car accident cannot cover the costs on their own. Contact a car accident lawyer to see what they can do for you.