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Demon-Hearing Man Attacks Woman, Sentenced to Jail

The San Clemente Civic Center - San Clemente, ...

The San Clemente Civic Center - San Clemente, California. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

No one wants to be attacked in their own home, and no one likes being a victim to personal injury. In fact, many resident owners go through great lengths to protect their homes. A house and home is usually where an individual feels most safe and secure in. A home is like an individual’s castle; it should be protected and looked over at all times. With locks, bolts, and security systems—what happens if an intruder still manages to break in? A resident can only take so many precautions.

On a peaceful Sunday morning, a San Clemente home was trespassed by an Orange County teen, destroying the safety of the home and breeching any security confidence the family may have had on their residence. The seemingly calm start of the day immediately became chaotic when the burglar showed signs of crazy behavior. This was not just a simple burglary; this crime also involved injuries and traumatic events.

Orange County resident Jonathan Ashton Aikin, who attacked a woman in her own San Clemente home, plead guilty to charges on Monday, June 4. Aikin has been charged with child abuse and endangerment and assault with a deadly weapon. He also has also been charged with a misdemeanor count of being under the influence of a controlled substance. However, all charges were dismissed.

English: Picture of a courthouse

English: Picture of a courthouse (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Aikin attacked the San Clemente resident on May 15 last year. After entering her home on 9:45 a.m. Sunday morning and high off narcotics, the 19-year old intruder began to attack the female resident while her children were present. The woman claimed that Aikin seemed to have “incredible strength.” Aikin entered the home, confessed his love to the woman though they have never met, and began choking her. He also exhibited paranoia and kept telling the woman to keep the demons away.

While Aikin choked the mother, the 5-year old son jumped on the attacker’s back in a desperate attempt to help his mother. Flung away by Aikin, the child received a swollen left eye and cheek. The mother reached for the phone to call the police only to have Aikin knock the phone away from her. The female victim yelled for help and thankfully her Marine neighbor upstairs heard her pleas for help. Rushing to help her, her neighbors Jenna and Justin Gerou came into her home. Jenna Gerou was able to help get the mother’s children to safety while Justin Gerou held off Aikin. Police officers had to Taser Aikin in order to get control of him.

On Thursday, June 7, Aikin began to serve his three years sentence in prison. He must also register himself as a sex offender.

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