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U.S. Commerce Secretary Causes Car Accidents, Found Unconscious

Photograph of United States Secretary of Comme...

Photograph of United States Secretary of Commerce John Bryson. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Being a careful driver does not necessarily mean you will be safe on the road. Sometimes there are other distracted, negligent drivers out there who just may cause an unwanted accident. Obeying all the traffic rules and being a vigilant driver sadly does not protect you from outside dangers. When out on the road, you never know what other drivers are doing or thinking, or if they’re even focused on the road. Personal injury always occurs at inconvenient times; accidents are always untimely.

John Bryson, the U.S. Commerce Secretary, was involved in two car accidents Saturday, June 9 in the San Gabriel Valley. According to the Commerce Department, Bryson had suffered a seizure which caused the accidents. His car had reportedly collided with two other vehicles in a span of five minutes. Bryson was found unconscious in his car.

After the accidents, 68-year old Bryson was treated at an unnamed hospital in Southern California. He was held overnight for observation and examination then released. Right after leaving the hospital, Bryson headed back to Washington. The U.S. Commerce Secretary is currently being investigated for felony since one of the accidents was a hit-and-run.

The government official was driving a Lexus during his own personal time around Los Angeles. It was right after 5 p.m. when he rear-ended the other vehicles on South San Gabriel Boulevard. The first automobile he collided with was a Buick with a driver and two passengers inside. The car had been stopped at a railroad crossing to wait for a train to cross by. Bryson stopped to talk to these men before leaving, then accidentally hitting the Buick a second time. It was then that the three men followed his vehicle and called police authorities.

This map shows the incorporated areas in Los A...

This map shows the incorporated areas in Los Angeles County, California. Rosemead is highlighted in red. I created it in Inkscape using data from the Los Angeles County Website (Los Angeles County Incorporated Area and District Map (PDF). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Continuing to drive into Rosemead, Bryson accidentally hit another vehicle in the intersection. When police officers finally found him, he was in his car, behind the wheel and unconscious. He was treated on the scene. There was no indication that the accidents were caused by any drugs or alcohol. Tests for any alcohol involved came back negative.

John Bryson was in the Los Angeles area after giving a commencement address at Pasadena Polytechnic School on Thursday, June 7.

Bryson has yet to give a comment about the Saturday afternoon mishaps.

In instances like these, the other people involved in the accident were not responsible for any of the injuries they may have received. They may have been driving in a very responsible manner when the accident occurred, not knowing that they were to be victims to a car accident. If you have been a victim to personal injury, don’t hesitate to take action. A California car accident attorney can help you sort out any questions you may have had since an accident. If an irresponsible driver has caused you pain and suffering, injuries, and even lost wages, it is in your right to take legal action and seek compensation for any harm and pain received.