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18-Year-Old Allegedly Leads Police on High-Speed Chase

18-Year-Old Allegedly Leads Police on High-Speed Chase

An 18-year-old was pulled from a white BMW after a high-speed chase ended on Pacific Coast Highway Thursday night. The chase allegedly exceeded 100 mph.

The incident began around 8:30 p.m. when police tried to stop the white BMW 7-Series on the 5 Freeway near Indiana St, according to the California Highway Patrol.

The 18-year-old driver is an UV Irvine student from China. When the roadway was clear, an officer attempted a PIT maneuver on the BMW. Rather than spinning out, the car simply swerved. The driver quickly pulled over and surrendered.

The chase ended on Pacific Coast Highway near Lunita Rd. around 9:15 p.m. The police handcuffed the 18-year-old and two passengers and put them all into squad cars.

The driver said the BMW was a new car and he recently obtained his driver’s license in an interview with NBC Los Angeles. He said he did not understand why he was being chased and was afraid of the California Highway Patrol.

According to officials, the student followed most of the traffic laws during the high-speed chase. He may not be facing as many charges as he would had he disobeyed the traffic laws.

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Source: NBC Los Angeles

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Los Angeles pursuit ends in crash, officer-involved shooting

Los Angeles pursuit ends in crash, officer-involved shooting

Screen Grab (Source: YouTube)

A high-speed pursuit involving a silver Chevrolet Corvette ended violently Friday when the Corvette collided with another car that ran a red light.

After the crash, the Corvette driver attempted to flee, but LAPD officers who arrived on the scene shot him. It is unclear at this time if non-lethal rounds or bullets were used to subdue the suspect.

The pursuit started around 9:30 p.m. in East Los Angeles. Deputies attempted to stop the driver for alleged reckless driving.

The pursuit went through numerous Los Angeles communities including East Los Angeles, and Bell and Huntington Park. The pursuit ended 60 minutes later at the intersection of Los Angeles Street and Olympic Boulevard when it collided with the other car.

The driver of the Corvette was described to be in his 40s, but that was all the information the police have released so far. An ambulance took the suspect away and the extent of his injuries is currently unknown.

The pursuit involved patrol vehicles from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and California Highway Patrol vehicles before the LAPD became involved and took over.

The condition of the other driver and unknown passengers of the other car involved is still unknown.

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Source: ABC Local 7

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Two Innocent Bystanders Killed Before Speed Chase by Suspect

North Highland Avenue, Hollywood, Los Angeles

North Highland Avenue, Hollywood, Los Angeles (Photo credit: slasher-fun)

Imagine being an innocent bystander, strolling around and enjoying your day when suddenly, a gunman appears and starts shooting bullets. The terror, the panic, and the confusion fill the air. Pedestrians all around you run and scream. There’s nowhere to duck, nowhere to hide. In fact, this situation has never happened to you before. There’s no drill for duck-and-cover when it comes to crazy killers; it’s only sheer panic. You hear the gunshots, you hear people screaming, and you see someone falling. What happens if it is you who gets wounded? Or worse, what happens if it’s someone you love who gets killed?

On Thursday, June 14 two people were killed by a gunman. The victims had no forewarning of what was coming. The suspect, whose names has yet to be released, killed the two individuals before police were called and a pursuit proceeded. The killings happened in the afternoon in a North Hollywood street. The two victims are believed to be father and son working on a construction site. When the 19-year old male went outside to get some tools, he was met with the male Hispanic suspect. Afterwards, an onlooker said he witnessed the boy drop to the ground as if he had been shot.

The boy’s father then went outside to see what had happened. At this, the suspect also shot and killed the father. After the shootings, the suspect tried to run away from the scene, only to be pursued by the Los Angeles cops at rush hour in North Hollywood.

Investigators are still trying to figure out what the argument between the suspect and two victims could have been about.

When trying to flee from the cops, the male suspect initiated a high speed chase on the southbound 170 freeway. The car chase ended on the Burbank Boulevard off ramp of the 170 when the suspect had lost control of his car. Once stopped, the police cars were able to surround his car. It was evident that the criminal did not want to cooperate with the police, creating tension and conflict between the two parties.

Before getting out of the car, the suspect seemed to have put something in his mouth which officers are unsure of. Then, he got out of his vehicle and pointed what looked like a gun at the police. It was then that he was shot multiple times, dying on the scene.

The last thing you may want to do is witness a loved one dying. When the father walked out to see what had happened to his son, he must have been confused and devastated as to what would make a person take away the life of another. The suspect committed some incomprehensible wrongful deaths, causing the grief of at least one family. Death is never timely and usually hard to accept. If you find yourself wounded in a seemingly random shooting, or have lost a loved one through careless acts, know that you have options such as calling a Los Angeles personal injury attorney. It is time to let justice prevail and to act now.