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Parents Accused Of Killing Daughter’s Pimp

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English: Golden Gate Bridge at looking south-south-east by night looking south across the Golden Gate towards San Francisco. Français : Pont du Golden Gate la nuit. Image prise en regardant vers le sud-est vers San Francisco. For more languages SEE BELOW (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The San Francisco County District Attorney’s Office filed charges against a husband and wife accused of killing their 17-year-old daughter’s pimp.

Laprell Gilton, 38 and Lupe Mercado, 37 tried to persuade their misguided daughter to break ties with Calvin Sneed, a 22-year-old pimp and gang member from Compton.


The Bay Area couple claimed that they sought the help from law enforcement to no avail. They reportedly added their daughter’s name to several missing and exploited children registries.

Prosecutors argue that the couple stalked Sneed before they actually killed him. On the night of May 27, the couple tried to kill him in North Hollywood, but they failed.

The couple succeeded in their second attempt to kill Sneed. The murder took place in San Francisco near Candlestick Park. Sneed was shot to death in his car in the early morning hours of June 4. Gilton fired a round from a .40 caliber gun and murdered him.

Both Gilton and Mercado will be arraigned on June 20. They are currently being held on a $2 million bond. Each faces one count of murder, one count of discharging a firearm into an occupied vehicle and one count of conspiracy to commit murder.

Gilton, who has been in trouble with the law before, also faces a charge of possessing a firearm as a felon due to a 1995 drug-related conviction.

Gilton and Mercado began dating in middle school. The couple, who have three younger boys, were concerned about their daughter after she left home about a year ago. They found out that their daughter was appearing in escort advertisements and believed that she was working for Sneed.

The couple has a right to be concerned about their daughter and her questionable behavior. Obviously, they messed up when they raised her. That’s probably why she ran away. Had she grown up in a more ideal family environment, she probably would have never even encountered a loser like Sneed in the first place.

The problem is the couple took the law into their own hands and resorted to murder rather than allowing this to unfold in the criminal justice system. Worse still, we only know their side of the story that is based on how they perceive the situation. What about Sneed’s side of the story? How did he perceive the situation? Was he really a pimp? We may never know for sure because dead men tell no tales. Now this girl’s parents face serious prison time for murder if they are convicted.

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Two Innocent Bystanders Killed Before Speed Chase by Suspect

North Highland Avenue, Hollywood, Los Angeles

North Highland Avenue, Hollywood, Los Angeles (Photo credit: slasher-fun)

Imagine being an innocent bystander, strolling around and enjoying your day when suddenly, a gunman appears and starts shooting bullets. The terror, the panic, and the confusion fill the air. Pedestrians all around you run and scream. There’s nowhere to duck, nowhere to hide. In fact, this situation has never happened to you before. There’s no drill for duck-and-cover when it comes to crazy killers; it’s only sheer panic. You hear the gunshots, you hear people screaming, and you see someone falling. What happens if it is you who gets wounded? Or worse, what happens if it’s someone you love who gets killed?

On Thursday, June 14 two people were killed by a gunman. The victims had no forewarning of what was coming. The suspect, whose names has yet to be released, killed the two individuals before police were called and a pursuit proceeded. The killings happened in the afternoon in a North Hollywood street. The two victims are believed to be father and son working on a construction site. When the 19-year old male went outside to get some tools, he was met with the male Hispanic suspect. Afterwards, an onlooker said he witnessed the boy drop to the ground as if he had been shot.

The boy’s father then went outside to see what had happened. At this, the suspect also shot and killed the father. After the shootings, the suspect tried to run away from the scene, only to be pursued by the Los Angeles cops at rush hour in North Hollywood.

Investigators are still trying to figure out what the argument between the suspect and two victims could have been about.

When trying to flee from the cops, the male suspect initiated a high speed chase on the southbound 170 freeway. The car chase ended on the Burbank Boulevard off ramp of the 170 when the suspect had lost control of his car. Once stopped, the police cars were able to surround his car. It was evident that the criminal did not want to cooperate with the police, creating tension and conflict between the two parties.

Before getting out of the car, the suspect seemed to have put something in his mouth which officers are unsure of. Then, he got out of his vehicle and pointed what looked like a gun at the police. It was then that he was shot multiple times, dying on the scene.

The last thing you may want to do is witness a loved one dying. When the father walked out to see what had happened to his son, he must have been confused and devastated as to what would make a person take away the life of another. The suspect committed some incomprehensible wrongful deaths, causing the grief of at least one family. Death is never timely and usually hard to accept. If you find yourself wounded in a seemingly random shooting, or have lost a loved one through careless acts, know that you have options such as calling a Los Angeles personal injury attorney. It is time to let justice prevail and to act now.