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High School Coach Facing Four Felonies

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One high school basketball coach, who was involved in a deadly DUI accident, is back in court again. Loren LeBeau, a basketball coach in a Fresno high school, had been drinking and driving on July 25 when he slammed his car into a family. The car accident resulted in a wrongful death of the family’s young boy along with serious personal injury on two other family members.

Loren LeBeau,42, was present in court on Thursday, August 9 with his attorney. He came in wearing an ankle bracelet which makes sure people are notified if LeBeau drinks any alcoholic beverages. His hearing took place Thursday morning because it was delayed when his attorney complained about how the charges were filed. There are currently four felonies being charged against the high school coach.

On July 25th, LeBeau was found with a 0.11% blood alcohol level after causing serious personal injury to his victims. He had been driving under the influence. In addition, the felon had left the scene of the accident where death and permanent injury had been caused.

The family whom LeBeau had slammed into had lost their seven-year old son, Donovan Maldonado. The Maldonado family had been riding their bikes on a trail near Shepherd and Milbrook when the incident occurred. The people injured in the automobile and bike accident include Donovan’s father and little sister.

LeBeau’s lawyer is questioning whether the charges against him were filed properly. However, prosecutors are telling the court that the basketball coach is a public risk for drinking and driving. During his court trial, the judge ordered the coach to surrender his driver’s license. He was also ordered to not drink any alcohol and to wear an ankle monitor that will measure his alcohol intake. The ankle monitor will notify authorities if the coach partakes in any alcohol drinking.

The lawyer of LeBeau, Jess Hammerschmidt, is claiming that his client is facing public scrutiny which is causing him some pain and suffering. His lawyer is stating that his client is currently in a state of shock and very upset. He also adds that LeBeau feels horrible for what he has done and is extremely devastated.

After being arrest, LeBeau was set free on a $256,000 bail. After Thursday’s hearing, the man’s bail was increased to more than $1 million bail.

LeBeau is on paid administrative leave from Central High School, where he was the varsity boys basketball coach.

If convicted, the school administrator could be facing up to 14 years in prison. He will be back in court next week. He is being charged with gross vehicle manslaughter amongst other things.

Drinking and driving is a very serious offense since it can cause some serious personal injury and even wrongful death. If you have been a victim to personal injury or have lost a loved one in a wrongful death accident, contact a Fresno car accident lawyer to see which next steps you should take.


Hazing Goes Too Far, Teacher and Students Arrested

Teacher in primary school in northern Laos

Teacher in primary school in northern Laos (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hazing seems to be a taboo when it comes to schools, social clubs, and sporting events. While hazing rituals can be a bonding quality to help initiate new comers into a club, many times it can get out of hand. Many schools and clubs ban any kind of hazing, refusing to get involved in any probable damages or personal injury accusations. For a school in Southern California, however, a teacher is getting accused of initiating hazing rituals on students.

These types of behaviors and carelessness carried out by adults can cause serious pain and suffering as well as personal injuries to innocent victims. To make matters worse, the victims of the teacher were still in high school, possibly minors. He had also encouraged other minors to participate in acts involving endangering and injuring other minors. Such ignorance and negligence is troubling.

On Saturday, June 23, a high school teacher and four other students were arrested for assaulting another high school student. The 27-year old teacher, Emmanuel Del Rose, was booked under the suspicion of encouraging other students to victimize a fellow classmate. Police investigators have claimed that Del Rosa had facilitated some of his students to begin hazing activities in order to limit and eliminate any misbehaving in the classroom.

At least one student victim had suffered minor injuries. The students arrested had been booked with suspicion of assault and child endangerment. There are no specifics yet as to what occurred during hazing rituals but it is possible personal injuries may have taken place.

The four students who were also arrested on Saturday took part of the assault Del Rosa had initiated. One 18-year old student, Fernando Salgado, is accused of child cruelty against a person under 18 years of age, attempted sodomy, rape, and mayhem. He will be appearing in a Fontana courtroom on Tuesday. The other three students arrested were juveniles.

More details have not been release as police officials are still performing an investigation. There is no word yet whether Del Rosa had facilitated similar activities in previous classroom sessions.

The Fontana Unifies School District officials had reported to police officers that at least one of their students had been assaulted. The report was put in on Friday, June 22. Del Rosa was arrested for suspicion of child cruelty with a $100,000 bail. He was released on Sunday, June 24.

Del Rosa was a summer school teacher at A.B. Miller High School. Several students from the high school have been interviewed by investigators.

Being involved in unacceptable hazing rituals can prove to be harmful—physically, mentally, and emotionally. Someone else’s careless behavior should not go by unnoticed. If you have been the victim of personal injury, call a San Bernardino personal injury attorney today. These types of acts are unacceptable and unfair to you as the victim. File a claim and start fighting for your rights today.


High School Party with 200 Teens Ended by Police

The silent dance floor at a house party in San...

The silent dance floor at a house party in San Francisco. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Graduation season is upon us. With high school and college students finishing up their classes, graduation ceremonies and parties are sure to follow. The excitement is filling the air as hopeful graduates look forward to summer vacation and/or starting new careers. Along with graduation is summer and all its glory looming around the corner. Take these two entities—graduation and summer—and we have a recipe for impulsive yet sometimes careless behavior.

When a student graduates, the first instinct is to rejoice—and rightfully so. After years of schooling, graduation is a time for celebration and joy. However, these celebrations can sometimes get out of hand. Take for instance, the shenanigans of a San Diego home on Saturday night, June 16. While his parents were away, 18-year old Laurenz Jacobsen decided to throw a party to celebrate graduation and the end of the school year. This type of action can be considered typical of any high school student: the boy and his friends just graduated, summer is almost in session, and the kid wanted something unforgettable to put a bow on the four years of fond memories. Unfortunately, he hadn’t anticipated the police officers to come by and put a stop to the rowdiness.

LONDON, ENGLAND - FEBRUARY 21:  Alcohol lines ...

LONDON, ENGLAND – FEBRUARY 21: Alcohol lines shelves in an Off License in Brixton on February 21, 2011 in London, England. Doctors have warned that inadequate regulations on alcohol may cost the lives of around 250,000 people in England and Wales over the next 20 years. A minimum price of 50p per unit is urgently needed, according to leading liver disease specialists. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

The recent graduate of La Costa Canyon High School hosted a party at his parents’ house in Encinitas on Saturday night. Whether or not he expected it, about 200 teenagers showed up at his house. There was a lot of alcohol found in the household. Jacobsen may be found violating a “social host” ordinance since he let visitors partake in underage drinking. The fine can cost up to $1,000.

Police showed up at the house after neighbors called with a noise complaint. Two teens were arrested after being drunk in public. A bit comically, police officers also found many teens hidden around the house, in closets and bathrooms. The teens present were told to call their parents so that they could get picked up.

While this scenario is a bit lighthearted in that no one was injured or caused personal injuries to others, there are other times when casualties and harm became an unwanted outcome. If a partygoer had been hurt during the party, he or she could have easily filed a personal injury claim with a lawyer to seek compensation for injuries. That would have turned this party much more solemn if serious charges were filed.

Another scenario could be of a drunk driver speeding off from the party and crashing into another driver’s car, causing injury and maybe even wrongful death. This type of situation can lead to much more serious consequences. Personal injury or wrongful death claims could be filed, driving probation given, and many more serious penalties could have resulted. A joyous celebration could turn unfortunate if house residents, people present, and drivers were not careful.

Remember, if you have been at a party and been the victim of personal injury, there are legal actions you can take. Call a San Diego personal injury lawyer for consultation and to see which steps you should take.