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Police Shooting Victim Was Not On Drugs

An unarmed 19-year-old man who was fatally shot by trigger-happy Los Angeles police officers on the 101 Freeway was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of his violent death, according to autopsy and toxicology reports that were released from the coroner’s office.

Abdul Arian was gunned down in April for no apparent reason. He led officers on a high-speed pursuit on the freeway. He even called 911 to threaten them.

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English: Los Angeles skyline and San Gabriel mountains. Français : Le centre ville de Los Angeles et les Monts San Gabriel. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Police officers fired more than 90 rounds at Arian because he supposedly assumed a “shooting stance.” They claim that Arian appeared as though he was raising his arms to fire a weapon at police while he was running backward on the 101 Freeway after the pursuit.

That is the reason LAPD officials gave to explain why it was necessary to fire more than 90 rounds on an unarmed man.

Arian was not armed, meaning that he didn’t have a firearm in his possession when he was killed by the LAPD. He was basically shot more than 90 times because LAPD overreacted and feared that he was about to fire imaginary bullets from an imaginary gun. Talk about overkill.

During the pursuit, Arian dialed 911 and threatened police. Arian said that he had a gun that he would use if necessary and that he had been arrested for possession of destructive devices.

“I’m not afraid of the cops,” he said during that 911 call.

The autopsy report stated the obvious. It said that Arian suffered “multiple gunshot wounds.” One of the wounds was “perforating the head from the left side.”

The coroner’s office also conducted 10 toxicology tests to determine if Arian was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. All 10 tests came back negative.

An attorney for Arian’s family filed a $120-million lawsuit Monday against the LAPD, L.A. police chief Charlie Beck and the city of L.A.

Obviously, $120 million will never bring Arian back from the dead because his life was priceless. No amount of money will ever alleviate the pain and suffering his family will endure for the rest of their lives, but that money can help his family during the grieving process.

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