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Identity of Motorcyclist Hit by Pickup Truck Found

A shattering accident has taken place near Fresno. When a motorcycle rider gets involved in a collision, the outcome is normally devastating. However, an incident that has recently taken place in California is a bit more complex. The rider of the motorcycle was not hit while she was on her vehicle, but rather when she was thrown out into the road. It is then that an unsuspecting automobile hit the rider. Sadly, the driver didn’t wait for authorities to appear but instead rode away from the scene.

Motorcycle Driver

Motorcycle Driver (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A female motorcyclist who was killed on Highway 99 was identified on Monday, July 2. The accident occurred on Friday, June 29 in Selma. She was merging into the freeway when she lost control and was thrown out into the highway. It is then that a pickup driver struck the victim before driving away from the scene of the accident.

The lady riding the motorcycle was identified as a Naval Air Station Lemoore, Martha Cook. She was 30 years old and from Hanford. The accident happened at 10:40 a.m. Friday morning while on the Highway 43 ramp merging onto Highway 99. Cook ended up going straight on the ramp instead of following the curve when she lost control. This caused her to hit a raised curb and to slide across the three northbound lanes of the 99 Highway before being hit by the pickup truck.

The pickup driver had reportedly pulled over on the side of the highway after hitting Cook but then drove away. Officials are asking for information about the driver of the pickup truck. His vehicle is reported to be light green and full sized. It has an extended cab and its rear windows are tinted. Investigators are saying that the pickup truck may have damage to its right front side or windshield as a result of the hit. A California Highway Patrol said that the driver who hit Cook wouldn’t have faced any legal charges related to the collision if only had the individual stayed. CHP officers are asking people who have any information to call the Fresno-area police department.

Motorcycle riders have the biggest risk of deadly accidents when they are out in the road. With quite less protection compared to an average vehicle, motorcyclists can easily attain personal injuries when they get into a collision. Sadly for Martha Cook, when the pickup driver hit her, she did not have the same protection a car would have. It was only her in the middle or the road versus a full sized pickup truck.

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident and received personal injury, do not hesitate to take legal action. Don’t allow the guilty party to get away with what they did. Call a Fresno motorcycle lawyer today and start taking steps towards justice.


Indian Couple Awarded Compensation for Injuries in 2010 Accident

Schneider National Carriers 2006 Freightliner ...

Schneider National Carriers 2006 Freightliner Century Class Midroof 2007 53′ Wabash DuraPlate® HD Tractor is used on a regional dedicated account. This is a scene from US-95 near the Arizona – California border. Photo by: J. Bohannon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When trucks cause accidents, they can end up inflicting personal injury to many victims. What many of these victims don’t know is that they can file a personal injury claim for the pain and suffering they have been caused. Getting involved in an accident is misfortunate; and often the last thing on a victim’s mind is legal matters. However, if you have been involved in a crash, filing a claim as soon as possible can prove to be helpful in the long run.

On Friday, June 29, a couple was awarded $36.48 million for the injuries and trauma they received in an accident involving an 18-wheeler big rig in 2010. The compensation was awarded in a Riverside County Superior Court to victims Prakash Sheth and his wife Jashiree Sheth. The husband and wife had been visiting the United States from India when they were struck by a semi in Beaumont on Interstate 10. They were on their way to the John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana to board a flight to Hawaii for a family vacation.

On the interstate, the semi had tried to pass the Sheths’ vehicle, but the truck had not fully passed their car when it merged into their lane, hitting the car and causing the accident.

The Sheth couple was being driven by their American relative to the Orange County airport when their automobile was struck by the 18-wheeler truck. After the collision, the car spun out of control on the freeway and then hit the median wall. Another vehicle hit the car after it collided on the middle barrier. All three passengers attained personal injury but it was the wife, Jashiree, who suffered the worse.

Jashiree, now 58, had received spinal cord injuries which has left her paralyzed. The fractures she obtained on her spine require her to have 24-hour care.

The big rig that struck the victims’ car is owned by Schneider National Carriers, Inc. The company has stated on Friday—after the compensation was awarded to the couple—that they plan on asking for a new trial or at least getting an appeal. A spokesperson for the company has said that the trucking company employs safe drivers and the truck driver involved in the accident had a great driving record.

Clearly, the Sheths’ lives have drastically changed because of this careless accident. While nothing can replace the perfect health Jashiree once had, the couple had taken the right steps by getting in contact with a legal firm. The husband and wife received the compensation they deserved from all the issues they had had to endure. The jury awarded them $469,490 for past medical costs, $4.8 million for any future expenses related to their medical needs, $6 million for past pain and suffering, and an extra $22 million for any future pain and suffering they may face.

Getting into an accident is not easy nor are the consequences that follow. However, if you have been the victim and received personal injury in an automobile crash, consult with a Riverside car accident attorney today.


Motorcycle Accident was Fatal When Rider Crashed into Truck

Braga, 2011.

Braga, 2011. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For motorcycle drivers, driving accidents can prove to yield very serious personal injury, sometimes even resulting in wrongful death. The fact that they have very little cushioning and protection makes motorcycle riders prone to harm when out in the road. Sadly, this was the case for a motorcyclist one grave weekend.

On Saturday, June 16, Dominic Tocar was killed in a motorcycle accident while driving down Pacific Coast Highway near Long Beach. He had collided with a truck driver who had made an unsafe left turn.

The accident happened on the 5500 block of the Pacific Coast Highway. Tocar was reported to have been riding at a very high speed going northbound. The truck driver was heading southbound, turning left when the collision occurred. Both drivers were Long Beach residents.

While motorcycle crashes are fatal for the driver, truck accidents are quite the opposite. Because of the bulk and size of a big rig, most truck drivers hardly end up wounded when involved in a car accident. For truck accidents, it is the other party (who are in an automobile, motorcycle, etc.) that ends up receiving serious personal injury. Whether it is the truck or automobile’s fault, the consequences of the crash can prove to be grave.

Thirty-three year old Tocar was speeding on PCH, unknowing that a truck would be making an unsafe turn. His speed wasn’t enough to allow him to dodge the truck; instead, it was his speed that caused him to fatally collide into the truck. There was no way that the victim would have been able to foretell the careless error the other driver was about to make. Speeding or not, motorcycle passengers can receive a lot of injuries and damage when involved in an accident. It was extra unfortunate that Tocar collided into a truck since trucks are known to cause major injuries to their crash victims.

After the collision, Tocar was taken to a nearby hospital but later died. The 66-year old driver of the truck was interviewed and cited but later released.

Dominic Tocar’s family, who were not notified right away of the accident, must currently be facing a very tough and emotional time. There is no way to retrieve a lost human life, and no way to undo an accident.

It is important, however, to stand up for you rights and to seek justice. If you have lost a loved one in a motorcycle accident, or if you yourself have been victim to an automobile accident, you have the right to seek an attorney and get compensation for your pain and suffering. A motorcycle accident and other car accidents are unfortunate, but don’t allow this event to overshadow your life. Hire a Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer and get the payment you deserve for your injuries.