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Latino Gets 238 Years For Murdering A Black Teen

English: Picture of Harbor Gateway neighborhoo...

English: Picture of Harbor Gateway neighborhood sign in Los Angeles, near Rosecrans Blvd. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The last defendant in the hate-crime killing of a 14-year-old black girl was sentence to 238 years to life in prison this week.

Ernesto Alcarez, who is obviously Latino, was found guilty of murder, attempted murder and a hate crime last month for the killing of Cheryl Green in the Harbor Gateway neighborhood of Los Angeles. Green, a young black woman with her whole life ahead of her, was gunned down while she was hanging out with her friends.

The sentence was imposed by Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Stephen Marcus.

Prosecutors said Alcarez acted as a lookout for the gunman Jonathan Fajardo, a gang member from 204th Street.

Back in December of 2006, Fajardo faced off with a black motorist in the neighborhood. Fajardo left to get a gun and then walked back to the neighborhood with Alcarez searching for the motorist.

Fajardo and Alcarez encountered Green and a group of black youths instead. In broad daylight, Fajardo opened fire on the crowd, shooting Green in the stomach and wounding several of her friends. Green was rushed to the hospital where she died.

Green’s killing led to the murder of Christopher Ash two weeks later. The 25-year-old Ash was lured to the garage of a house in Carson and stabbed multiple times by Fajardo and other 204th Street gang members for snitching. It was believed that Ash informed law enforcement that Fajardo was responsible for Green’s murder. Ash, who was a 204th Street associate, did not cooperate with police.

Fajardo was eventually found guilty of two counts of murder and committing a hate crime for murdering Green and Ash in 2010. He was sentenced to death.

In addition to Fajardo, three other defendants – Robert Gonzales, Daniel Aguilar and Raul Silva have – have all been convicted of Ash’s murder. Jose Covarrubias, who was also a defendant in Ash’s murder, testified against his former 204th Street associates. He was given a sentence of 22 years in exchange for his cooperation.

Alcarez, a poor excuse for a Latino male, will now be joining his friends in prison. He has 238 years to think about why racism is wrong.

But that doesn’t resolve the racial tensions that plague the streets of Los Angeles where Latino gangs were the most violent perpetrators of hate crimes in the area. Most of the victims of these hate crimes have been blacks.

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