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Man High Off Bath Salts Hits Elderly Woman with Shovel

Basin bath salts

Basin bath salts (Photo credit: Theme Park Mom)

On Thursday, June 21, a 20-year old man was arrested for hitting a woman with a shovel while high off bath salts in the city of Glendale. He had barricaded himself in his apartment before police officers entered and subdued him with a rubber bullet and a Taser.

Robert Williams White had been swinging a shovel at birds when an elderly woman asked him to stop. A witness reported that after the female asked him to stop, White looked at her, said “I hate you and I want to kill you today,” and then swung the shovel at her. The elderly lady, whose name has not been released, was taken to a nearby hospital and treated for minor injuries.

It was after hitting the 77-year old lady over the head with the shovel that White went to his apartment and locked himself in. The suspect stayed inside his home for about one hour before the police used a key and entered his flat. Refusing to cooperate and throwing a couple punches at an officer, White was subdued with a 40mm rubber bullet and the Taser gun.

The man was taken to a nearby hospital where White admitted that he had been drinking soda spiked with bath salts. In recent U.S. criminal activities, many have been associated with using bath salts to receive an initial high. Since it can be easily bought in supermarkets and stores, bath salts are becoming a popular product used as drugs. Though not highly addictive, bath salts still are highly toxic and have outcomes that can include paranoia, hallucinations, and even suicidal tendencies. The episode with Robert White is just one incident among a string of bath salts-related activity across the U.S. Many states are outlawing certain chemicals used to produce bath salts because of the side effects it produces.

White claims he was an alien who had been talking to Jesus before the police had entered into his home. One police officer present at his arrest says that White had not been acting normally. When taken outside to the police cars, White kept yelling “God loves all of you!” at nearby pedestrians. He is currently in Twin Towers jail where prisoners with medical need are held.

On Monday, June 25 following his arrest, White had been charged with burglary and assault with a deadly weapon. He could be facing six years in jail. He is held on $75,000 bail in the Twin Towers jail.

Luckily for the elderly women, she had not sustained any serious brain injuries or personal injuries. People who are intoxicated or high of drugs can cause serious harm to innocent bystanders. Whether serious or minor, if you have been hurt in a confrontation or victim to personal injuries, you should file a claim and seek compensation for your pain and suffering. Contact a Glendale personal injury lawyer today and looking into the next steps you can take.