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LAPD Plan To Fire Cops Believed To Have Leaked Rihanna Photo To TMZ

The Los Angeles Police Department is preparing to fire two officers they believe leaked a picture of Rihanna and her battered face to TMZ.

The officers are set to appear before the LAPD’s disciplinary panels in August. Their continued employment with the LAPD is in doubt. The officers suspected in the leak will probably lose their jobs, but they will probably not face any criminal charges.

English: Rihanna's signature

English: Rihanna’s signature (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Following an investigation that spanned three years, numerous search warrants and forensic examinations of computer hard drives, e-mail accounts and phones, Los Angeles County prosecutors didn’t have enough evidence to prove that TMZ paid them off. Prosecutors also said that investigators could not rule out that payments to the officers were funneled through others.

An attorney for 28-year-old Blanca Lopez, an officer whose phone records linker her to TMZ, declined to comment. The second officer, 39-year-old Rebecca Reyes, denied selling the photo. Both of the officers, who are roommates and share a home in East L.A., were placed on paid leave for more than two years and eventually relieved of their duties without pay as the investigation continued.

Chris Brown (Look at him now!) was arrested on suspicion of beating Rihanna (She can take care of Drake!) in February of 2009. The beating occurred at about 12:40 a.m. Less than an hour later, Reyes called Lopez, who was assigned to another precinct. Lopez then called directory assistance twice and then called Fox. After making three calls to Fox, Lopez eventually called TMZ directly at 2:15 a.m. and then called back three more times. The final call to TMZ was at 2:35 a.m.

Word got out that Reyes had the photo on her phone. Reyes also told a niece and at least four other colleagues. She forwarded the photo to two officers and her personal e-mail account a few days later.

The image eventually surfaced on TMZ. Investigators obtained warrants to review the women’s phone and financial records. Authorities searched their home, computers and even Lopez’s locker at work. They didn’t find any conclusive evidence to prove their claims. What’s more, there is no money trail and there were other officers who had access to the photo. Do they really have a case?

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