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Motorcyclist Injured on the 101

Motorcycle show

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Motorcycle riders can receive serious personal injuries when they are involved in roadway accidents. It is important for motorcyclists to be careful when they are on freeways or side streets because of all the potential harm that can come their way. On Tuesday evening, August 14, one man was injured while riding his motorcycle in Novato.

A 56-year old man from Santa Rosa was riding his 2012 Triumph motorcycle when he collided with another vehicle. He was going northbound on Highway 101 of Atherton Avenue at about 35 to 40 miles per hour. Qi Qe White Elk Ross, 60, was driving his 1988 Dodge Ram pickup truck and also going around 35 to 40 mph. Samples was splitting traffic between lanes when Ross, who is from Penngrove, signaled and attempted to merge his automobile into a right lane where Samples was riding in.

When the pickup truck tried to merge in the lane, Samples responded by attempting to pass Ross on the right side of the pickup truck. However, his motorcycle struck the right, rear side of the vehicle causing the motorcyclists to be ejected. Samples landed on the far right-hand lane and his motorcycle also came to a stop further down the freeway.

California Highway Patrol responded and documented the accident. The Navato Fire paramedics also came to the accident site and brought Samples to a Santa Rosa hospital. He needed to be treated for his compound fracture on his lower left leg as well as for a major fracture to his left femur.

Ross was relatively uninjured and was able to escape the whole affair without any major personal injuries. Luckily no other drivers or passengers were involved in the motorcycle accident and no other injuries inflicted.

After the accident, the two right-hand lanes were closed briefly for 20 minutes while the paramedics and authorities transferred Samples to a local hospital.

When driving a motorcycle, the rider must be aware of the traffic and vehicles around him or her. Motorcyclists are more prone to personal injuries when they are involved in a collision. And in the state of California where splitting traffic is permitted, motorcycle riders need to be even more wary and careful out on the roads. An accident can happen at any given moment so it is very important for all drivers on the road to look out for the safety of each other.

If you have attained personal injury from an automobile accident, take action now and receive compensation for your injuries, pain, and suffering. Contact a Sacramento motorcycle attorney today to see what next steps you can take.


Four Dead in 134 Freeway Accident

1995-1998 Ford Explorer photographed in USA. C...

1995-1998 Ford Explorer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When people are travelling on roadways, accidents can sometimes take them by surprise. For a group of people driving on a freeway, this surprising accident turned into four wrongful death accidents. A blown tire from an SUV caused severe personal injury for the people involved, eventually ending in their deaths. These sad casualties were totally unexpected, just like in most accidents. Families of the victims are grieving during this greatly sad time.

On Sunday night, August 12, a tire from an SUV vehicle blew out. While this type of incident would normally involve the vehicle pulling to the side of the road and calling AAA or getting the spare tire, this event took a turn for the worse. Once the tire popped on the large vehicle, the driver lost control of the car, sparking the heartbreaking event around 7 p.m.

The seemingly simple incident of a popped tired quickly turned dramatic. On the 134 Freeway, the driver lost control which caused the SUV Ford Explorer to roll then plunge of the roadway and crash into Eagle Rock which was the street below. Four people were killed while two others in the vehicle were injured.

Heading eastbound, the Ford Explorer was in the far left lane when it hit a bit of raised asphalt in the curb. The car was already experiencing tire problems; debris was seen coming from the automobile before in rolled and plummeted. After hitting the raised asphalt, the car rolled twice and fell through the space between the bridges. They fell about 75 to 100 feet below the freeway. The event happened about 35 feet onto North Figueroa Street.

Three people were pronounced dead on the scene. These victims were a six-year old girl, a man in his 40s, and a female in her 30s. The six-year old was ejected from the vehicle and officials are saying that she may not have been wearing a seatbelt. A fourth man, who was 56-years old, died from his injuries overnight at Huntington Memorial Hospital in Pasadena. When the accident occurred, the 56-year old man was brought to the hospital along with a 36-year old woman who had been in critical condition at the night of the crash.

California Highway Patrol is currently investigating the scene of the accident. They closed off a large part of the freeway and took much of the night to look through the scene. Two of the lanes were reopened at 9:20 p.m. on Sunday evening but the rest of the lanes were reopened at 2 a.m. early Monday morning.

The officials are saying that the blown tire was a possible cause of the crash. However, there was alcohol found at the scene which is raising suspicion on whether that may also have been a factor.

These types of car accidents are so shocking. The families and loved ones of the victims must be grieving over the wrongful deaths that took place. If you have been involved in an accident, consult with a Los Angeles personal injury attorney to see which steps you should take next.


Shooting Leads to Car Crash, One Dead

English: Police investigating a car accident i...

English: Police investigating a car accident in Markham, ON. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A shooting and a single car crash occurred on Tuesday evening, July 24. It was a single car accident that involved an SUV. When police officers arrived, they found gunshot wounded victims inside the car, one was dead and two were injured. It is believed that the accident was sparked by a drive by.

The accident happened near Ivanhoe on Road 156 and Avenue 362. It is unclear yet on how and why the accident happened. Investigators are releasing very little information about the incident until they have a better understanding of what transpired between the SUV and another passing car. They have not told the public on who was driving the car and whether the survivors are cooperating with the police or not. Policemen are trying to assess whether shooting was gang-related activity.

Eighteen year old Cruz Medina died on the scene. Investigators are also trying to figure out whether he died because of the shooting or because of the impact of the accident. The two other people who were injured included a 19-year old male and a 26-year old adult male. The 19-year old is said to have suffered from minor injuries because of the crash. He was released from the hospital after he was checked and looked after. The 26-year old suffered a gunshot wound but it was not life threatening. He stayed at the hospital a while longer while doctors addressed his wounds and helped him recover.

From the looks of the accident, there is a strong possibility that gang members and gang activity played a part in this fiasco. Officials have a violent crimes unit investigating the incident to determine what could have caused the shooting.

The fear in these men when the shooting started must have been immense. Driving a SUV down a dark street during night time only to have another car pass by and shoot bullets will, of course, take the driver and passengers by surprise. The swerving and crash that resulted from the shooting is only expected. It is just saddening that anyone would wish to inflict personal injury to somebody else.

The family of the victim is probably agonizing over the wrongful death of their loved one. Losing a relative in a wrongful death accident is hard and sometimes incomprehensible. Questions of “Why would someone do this?” and “How could this happen?” spring up. It is never fair or right when a human being takes the life of another human being.

If you have lost someone in a wrongful death accident, do not hesitate to call a Riverside personal injury attorney to file a claim. It is in your right to stand up for justice and to make sure the guilty party pays for their wrong-doings.


Politician’s Wife Involved in Car Accident

Stop Sign

Stop Sign (Photo credit: ladybeames)

Stopping at red lights and at stop signs is the careful and responsible action to take when driving; not to mention that it is also the law. Yet, there are a few negligent drivers who do not always follow the rules of the road. When this happens, a careless driver may cause serious personal injury to another driver, sometimes the accident may even result in a wrongful death. In a fairly recent accident involving the wife of a politician, it was the negligent driver who had to suffer the consequences of his own irresponsible driving.

A political candidate’s wife has recently been involved in a fatal car accident on Monday, July 22. The collision happened in Santa Maria when a driver in a Honda ran a stop sign and hit a 2008 Cadillac Escalade. It was around 4:10 p.m. when the crash happened. The driver of the Honda died on the scene and the two passengers in the Cadillac received minor injuries.

The wife of former California Lieutenant Governor and current GOP congressional candidate Abel Maldonado, Laura Maldonado, was driving east of Santa Maria. She was driving across the intersection when a 30-year old man in a 1985 Honda Accord sped through a stop sign and rammed into the Cadillac Escalade.  The Honda driver was heading north on Dominian Road in the Santa Barbra County. Laura Maldonado was heading east, coming out of Foxon Canyon, at about 55 miles per hour. It was in the intersection that the two automobiles collided.

Laura Maldonado had her teenage son with her inside the Cadillac. She and her son were released from the hospital on Monday night after being examined and determined that they had only suffered minor personal injuries. The driver of the other vehicle was not as lucky. Sadly, the male driver died from the impact of the crash. California Highway Patrol officers are still determining whether drugs or alcohol were involved in the car collision. The Honda driver’s information has not been released until his family is notified of his death.

The congressional candidate, Abel Maldonado, tweeted about the status of his wife and son on Monday. He wrote on his Twitter account that his wife, Laura, and his son were in a car accident. He expressed his family’s condolences and sympathies to the family with their lost loved one. He also added that his family’s thoughts and prayers go with the family and close friends of the driver.

It is a sad and terrible accident that occurred on Sunday. It is also saddening that one of the individuals involved in the accident had died on the scene. While Maldonado and her son were lucky to only suffer minor injuries, another family was not as lucky. This type of accident can remind us all to be safe drivers and to follow all the road regulations and rules.

If you have been involved in a car accident, contact a Los Angeles car accident lawyer today to learn about the next steps you should take.


Bicyclist Dead After Crashing Bike into Ravine

Old New Bike

Old New Bike (Photo credit: joeldinda)

When out riding his bike, Willis Veluz-Abraham crashed his bike into a ravine while in the Santa Monica Mountains. He was out riding at 9 a.m. when the incident occurred. Sadly, he did not survive the accident.

The victim was identified on Sunday, July 15. The accident took place near Stunt Road and Mulholland Highway. California Highway Patrol found out about the accident and then dispatched firefighters to search for the bicyclist. Events prior to the accident are unclear and officers are asking any witnesses with information about the crash to go ahead and give details to government officials.

Veluz-Abraham was married with two children. He and his wife, Melissa, had just recently had their second child together. The biker’s family, whom reside in Richmond, was shocked at the news they received about his accident.

The mountain biker lived a life of good health with his family. He worked at 21st Century Insurance. A coworker of Veluz-Abraham stated that the bicyclist was “always friendly and he always had a smile on his face.” His happy demeanor was noticed by friends and coworkers. They also attested to the fact that he like to spend time with his family, saying that he recently mentioned how he wanted to spend more quality time with his wife and children.

Despite work and biking, Veluz-Abraham was an active church member. He was originally from Northern California but moved down for schooling. He was a 1993 graduate of UCLA, majoring in English. Many friends and relatives are saying that Veluz-Abraham was an enjoyable and pleasant man to be around. All of his relatives are speaking about their grief that he had died this way.

Veluz-Abraham died a very sudden and surprising death. He was an active bicyclist and dedicated to the sport. These kind of mishaps always happen at unwanted times. There is no way to predict an accident and no way to bring back a loved one. Veluz-Abraham will always be remembered by his family and friends. His legacy will live on in their memories.

Bicycle accidents can often be dangerous and life-threatening. While Veluz-Abraham’s accident had no automobiles involved, other bike accidents do. If you have ever found yourself with personal injury as a result of careless driver colliding with you and your bike, consult with a Los Angeles personal injury attorney today. Getting into an accident can cost a lot of money and sometimes insurance agencies can not cover all of the extra expenses. By filing a claim, you are utilizing your rights to seek compensation that you are entitled to.


Two Boys Dead, Several Injured in I-15 Crash

1996 Dodge Caravan photographed in USA.

1996 Dodge Caravan photographed in USA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A car collision on Sunday, July 15 proved to be fatal for two young boys. While on their way home from a family vacation in Palm Springs, the two boys and their family were involved in a rollover crash on Interstate 15. The two boys, ages 9 and 10, were declared dead on the scene.

The accident happened at approximately 2:30 p.m. A Dodge minivan, driven by Roy Fuffin Jr., had reportedly spun out of control on the freeway and overturned just north of Deer Springs Road after it had collided with a 2008 Scion. Roy Fuffin Jr., 52-years old, suffered minor personal injuries. The driver of the Scion Lisa Wehus, 24-years old, was injured. Her Scion was damaged but she was still able to driver it to the center median after the crash.

Latrelle Pearon, 10, was not wearing a seatbelt and was thrown out of the vehicle. Xavier Williams, 9, was wearing his seatbelt and was partially ejected. The two children were among the seven passengers inside the 2002 Dodge Caravan leaving Palm Springs on the I-15 South. Both died on the scene when the accident occurred.

The driver of the minivan was taken to Palomar Regional Medical Center and treated for minor injuries. The other four passengers of the Dodge Caravan were also taken to different hospitals since they had attained varying degrees of personal injury.

Witnesses of the accident are asked to come forward so that California Highway Patrol officers will be able to better investigate the scene and the accident. Anyone with information is being asked to contact CHP officials in regards to the crash. The cause of the accident is under investigation since officials are still unsure of what may have caused it. Currently, it is suspected that both cars had attempted a lane change at the same time, causing the two parties to collide into one another. Both vehicles were reported to be going at 70 to 75 mph speeds.

Two of the northbound I-15 lanes were closed for some time after the accident as officers investigated and cleaned up the scene. Traffic was backed up for quite some time before the lanes were reopened.

The identities of the two boys were released on Monday, July 16.

This accident must have left a huge impact on the family. Losing two loved ones is hard to bear and may take significant time to process and accept. The medical bills, extra costs, and car damages may just be one more thing the family has to worry about. If a situation like this or one similar has ever happened to you, know that you can have a team of lawyers ready to assist you in legal matters and prepared to fight for your rights.

If you have ever been personally injured in an accident, or have lost a loved one in a wrongful death, contact a San Diego car accident attorney. Filing a claim against the wrongdoings done to you will help you gain the compensation you deserve during this difficult and trying time.


One Dead and One Injured in Car Collision

St. Patrick's Day Collision  3 of 4

St. Patrick’s Day Collision 3 of 4 (Photo credit: 7mary3)

On Sunday afternoon, a grave accident took place which caused both personal injury and wrongful death. The victim and the families of the people involved must be going through a horrific and traumatizing time in the aftermath of the incident. These types of situations showcase how one seemingly normal afternoon can quickly turn tragic.

An automobile collision occurred on Sunday, July 15 near Highway 101 at 5:30 p.m. The crash started when a 60-year old driver lost control while going up a Northbound off ramp at a very fast speed. Upon losing control, the man’s 1998 Infinity vehicle hit a dirt embankment and then became airborne. Then, the Infinity hit the side of a 1999 Oldsmobile, creating an impact on both cars.

The male driver of the Infinity, who is of Guadalupe origin, was declared dead on the scene. The driver of the 1999 Oldsmobile, a 46-year old woman from Arroyo Grande, was injured when her vehicle overturned. She was rushed to Marian Medical Center in Santa Maria after she was trapped in the wreckage of her car and had to be freed by firefighters.

The crash happened near Orcutt. The female driver of the Oldsmobile was driving east on Clark when the male driver lost control of his Infinity on the Northbound ramp and accidentally slammed his car into the Oldsmobile. After the collision happened, a man in a commercial truck tried to help the female driver by using rope to stabilize her vehicle. Soon, firefighters and officers arrived at the scene to help out the victim.

Firefighters had to use the Jaws of Life to rescue the woman from the car wreck. She is facing personal injury, none of which are life-threatening.

The Clark Avenue off ramp was closed for more than two hours after the accident. California Highway Patrol is still currently investigating the car accident. Neither names of the two people involved have been released.

Out on the roads, it is difficult to predict when accidents will happen. Careless driving is often the case for car accidents and it is the victims of these accidents who have to unfairly pay the price. Personal injury is one outcome of a car collision; wrongful death is another but more grievous and upsetting. For the people involved in these kinds of tragedies, it may prove hard to overcome the aftermath of such a terrible accident. Many families are paralyzed when it comes to figuring out what to do next. The grief and acceptance of a lost loved one may become too hard to bear.

If you have been involved in a car accident, have received personal injury, or have lost a loved one in a wrongful death accident, you have a right to file a claim. Consult with a Los Angeles car accident attorney and see what your options are in overcoming this tragedy.


Justin Bieber Caught for Reckless Driving

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber (Photo credit: cukuskumir)

One famous pop icon has recently had a run-in with the police. Tween and teen sensation Justin Bieber was pulled over on Friday, July 6 for reckless driving. Bieber was stopped by the California Highway Patrol on the 101 Freeway. Officers are investigating whether the singer was being chased by aggressive paparazzi photographers.

Every Hollywood icon faces the dreaded and annoying paparazzi once they have reached the brink of fame. Justin Bieber was reportedly battling the frenzy of the paparazzi as he raced down the 101 in his environmentally friendly Fisker Karma. Other drivers who saw Bieber speeding by called 911 to report the reckless driving but couldn’t quite describe his automobile. Some described it as an “aluminum car”, a “stainless steel Ferrari”, and one even ventured out and called it a “spaceship.” His Fisker is a chrome-colored sports car which explains the confusion about his automobile being an “aluminum car”. Clearly, the pop star’s car drew more attention to itself other than its speed.

Fisker Karma

Fisker Karma (Photo credit: Chris Wevers)

Bieber was charged with reckless driving and given a fine. He had been weaving through traffic which caused some travellers to be concerned about his careless driving. The photographers were also driving just as recklessly which may have sparked Bieber to drive a bit more aggressively. Other drivers in the road claimed the teenage boy had been going at around 100 mph but Bieber’s representatives deny this claim saying he rarely went over 80 mph.

Justin Bieber, the 18-year old boy who has women from ages 10 to 80 swooning to his lyrics, is just like all of us regular folks when it comes to the law. Endangering the lives and safety of other individuals out in the road is cause enough for cops to pull a driver over before any personal injury is inflicted. Famous or not, safety is still a number one priority for law enforcers.

Reaching fame through his self-published YouTube videos, Bieber has now become a household name. As one of the richest youngsters in the world, Bieber has a name and face that can be recognized almost anywhere. Also famous is the teenager’s girlfriend: Selena Gomez who is a former Disney star. The couple have had troubling times with the paparazzi and have been bombarded by overwhelming picture takings almost everywhere they go. It is no surprise that Bieber was trying to whizz away from the photographers.

While Justin Bieber was merely trying to run away from one of the side effects of fame, he could have injured a fellow driver and passenger out in the freeway. If you have been a victim to personal injury, consult with a Los Angeles car accident attorney today. There is no excuse for careless driving, hire a lawyer today who will fight on your side.


93-Year Old Waits 11 Hours in Car to be Rescued

A California Highway Patrol Cessna 206 (N441HP...

A California Highway Patrol Cessna 206 (N441HP) prepares to depart Bakersfield’s Meadows Field on patrol (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A 93-year old woman survived her car plunging 50 to 60 feet and being trapped in her vehicle for 11 hours. When interviewed, the elderly driver shows no indication of being afraid when she was trapped inside her own car. Her ability to stay calm and collected helped her get through what would normally be a terrifying ordeal, in a composed manner.

On Friday morning of July 6, Genevieve Couch was travelling on Highway 70 which is just a bit north of Marysville, CA. While she was driving, her wheels started jerking, causing her to lose control of the vehicle and to slide down an embankment for about 50 to 60 feet. After the car had stopped sliding, Couch tried to get out only to discover that her door was pinned shut by a tree.

The passenger’s side was not any help since that door was pinned by thorny bushes. Still, Couch tried to exit her vehicle only to receive several puncture wounds and cuts on her arm from the thorns on the bushes. She had tried to beat the bushes back with her cane but to no avail. Instead of escaping, Couch had received several injuries on her arm which she nursed herself by creating a makeshift bandage and wrapping it around her wound.

Upon sliding down the embankment, Couch said she immediately opened her windows while the car still had electric power. This allowed her to have fresh air for the 11 hours she was stuck inside her automobile. Because Couch did not let panic cloud her judgment, she was able to perform all the necessary tasks one should take when stuck in a vehicle.

It took hours for the police to find Couch. There was even a California Highway Patrol helicopter flying overhead to try to locate the elderly lady from the sky, but could not because of the deep bushes and nature concealing her. It was people walking by who eventually spotted Couch and called the police. And after 11 hours of waiting in her car, Genevieve Couch was rescued.

When asked on how she endured being stuck in her car, Couch told listeners that she wasn’t scared. The one thing she wanted, she said, was a drink of water. When searching her car, she said she was not even able to find any candy or gum to keep her satisfied.

As for advice, Couch said that the most important thing to do when in a trying situation is to keep calm and not panic.

Couch was very fortunate in that no one was injured when she lost control of her vehicle. She was also lucky that she did not receive any serious personal injury when she slid down the embankment.

While this story ends happily in that no one was seriously harmed, some accidents are less fortunate. If you have received personal injury because of an unsafe highway or because of other negligent drivers, do not hesitate to call a Sacramento personal injury lawyer today.


Identity of Motorcyclist Hit by Pickup Truck Found

A shattering accident has taken place near Fresno. When a motorcycle rider gets involved in a collision, the outcome is normally devastating. However, an incident that has recently taken place in California is a bit more complex. The rider of the motorcycle was not hit while she was on her vehicle, but rather when she was thrown out into the road. It is then that an unsuspecting automobile hit the rider. Sadly, the driver didn’t wait for authorities to appear but instead rode away from the scene.

Motorcycle Driver

Motorcycle Driver (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A female motorcyclist who was killed on Highway 99 was identified on Monday, July 2. The accident occurred on Friday, June 29 in Selma. She was merging into the freeway when she lost control and was thrown out into the highway. It is then that a pickup driver struck the victim before driving away from the scene of the accident.

The lady riding the motorcycle was identified as a Naval Air Station Lemoore, Martha Cook. She was 30 years old and from Hanford. The accident happened at 10:40 a.m. Friday morning while on the Highway 43 ramp merging onto Highway 99. Cook ended up going straight on the ramp instead of following the curve when she lost control. This caused her to hit a raised curb and to slide across the three northbound lanes of the 99 Highway before being hit by the pickup truck.

The pickup driver had reportedly pulled over on the side of the highway after hitting Cook but then drove away. Officials are asking for information about the driver of the pickup truck. His vehicle is reported to be light green and full sized. It has an extended cab and its rear windows are tinted. Investigators are saying that the pickup truck may have damage to its right front side or windshield as a result of the hit. A California Highway Patrol said that the driver who hit Cook wouldn’t have faced any legal charges related to the collision if only had the individual stayed. CHP officers are asking people who have any information to call the Fresno-area police department.

Motorcycle riders have the biggest risk of deadly accidents when they are out in the road. With quite less protection compared to an average vehicle, motorcyclists can easily attain personal injuries when they get into a collision. Sadly for Martha Cook, when the pickup driver hit her, she did not have the same protection a car would have. It was only her in the middle or the road versus a full sized pickup truck.

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident and received personal injury, do not hesitate to take legal action. Don’t allow the guilty party to get away with what they did. Call a Fresno motorcycle lawyer today and start taking steps towards justice.