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Fatal Accident in Pico Rivera

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English: Pico Rivera Library – County of Los Angeles Public Library (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thursday night, three people were killed in an accident in Pico Rivera. The collision was caused by a speeding driver.

A Honda Civic was traveling northbound on San Gabriel River Parkway in the 3500 block. A 22-year-old man was driving the Civic, and had a female and three children as passengers.

The Civic was going very fast while on a curve and was then forced over the line onto the southbound side of the parkway. The Civic then crashed head-on into a Nissan Sentra.

Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department officials arrived at the accident and began conducting the investigation.

The Civic driver and two boys, ages 11 and 13, died at the scene as they were ejected from the vehicle. The woman in the front seat and the third child were both taken to the hospital in critical condition. According to the police, the driver was taking the kids home after a party.

Two women were in the Nissan that was hit in the collision. They were both rushed to a hospital with serious injuries.

The fatal accident occurred around 8:45 p.m. by the 605 freeway. None of the victims’ identities has been released at this point and their conditions are still unknown.

The accident is still under investigation; however, there is no doubt that speed is a major factor in this crash.

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Identity of Man Killed in 101 Freeway Accident is Confirmed

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The standard California state route marker consists of a white numeral on a green shield (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On Sunday, July 1st, a man was killed in a crash on the 101 freeway. Jose A. Ocana Hernandez was finally identified on Tuesday, July 3 at the Marin County Coroner’s Office. He had been driving home on a Sunday morning when he lost control of his vehicle and crashed.

His 1993 Honda Civic collided into the center barrier of the freeway. It is here where investigators believe that Hernandez may have over-corrected himself, causing him to go across the freeway and to hit a guardrail. His vehicle stopped at a ditch near the guardrail. Police officials are not sure whether Hernandez had been sleepy when he drove or if he had been speeding. Hernandez was declared dead on the scene. Anyone with information about the accident was asked to contact police officers.

Hernandez had finished working his night shift at San Rafael health care facility and headed home around 7 a.m. It was when he was driving home on the northbound side of the 101 highway that he crashed. Driving under the influence was not suspected in this incident. The accident took place around 7:45 a.m. south of the San Antonio Road which is close to the Sonoma county line.

The accident caused both of the 101 northbound lanes to shut down. One lane reopened again less than an hour later at 8:40 a.m. The other lane stayed closed but then was reopened at noon. The crash caused a bit of traffic and for cars to be backed up for about two miles.

We all fear accidents and we all hope for our loved ones safety when they are out on the road. Hernandez’s family must be distraught at the sudden death of their loved relative. An unexpected and grievous accident is never wanted.

While Hernandez’s accident only involved him and his car, other accidents are caused by careless driving. When out in the road, we cannot always be 100% sure if the people around us are being careful, vigilant drivers. Sometimes, texting, talking on the phone, and even eating can easily distract a driver. These distractions are what cause many accidents out in the freeway as well as in the side streets. It is important to be a defensive driver when other people on the road threaten your safety.

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