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Casey Causes Serious Chaos

Remember the annoyingly obnoxious metal band Amen? Maybe you listened to them in high school. They formed in 1994 and who knows if they’re still active. Founded by front man, lead singer and songwriter Karim George Chmielinski who is better known by his stage name Casey Chaos, the band has had more lineup changes than Kiss. Casey Chaos has been the only permanent member of the band with other band members filtering in and out.

For years, 46-year-old Casey Chaos was known for his blistering vocals. Now he is known for being an extremely bad driver who started a demolition derby with no audience in the San Fernando Valley. He will probably lose his license.

Casey Chaos at Big Day Out 2002

Casey Chaos at Big Day Out 2002 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

An SUV (not an Escalade!) driven by Casey Chaos slammed into three cars over a roughly 2-mile area near Laurel Grove Avenue and Laurel Terrace Drive in Studio City, said Los Angeles Police Department spokeswoman Norma Eisenman.

Early reports indicated that Casey Chaos’ SUV had hit as many as 15 cars. When police retraced the singer’s path, they found his vehicle had hit three cars, causing moderate damage.

Casey Chaos abandoned his car at the scene of the destruction but he was quickly discovered at his nearby home, where he was arrested for DUI. Amen to that!

Casey Chaos’ blood alcohol level was just above .08, the legal limit in California. He was probably on something else.

One can only wonder if the chaos caused by Casey Chaos will ever renew his standing among legions of headbangers. Only time will tell.

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