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Being Prepared for an Automobile Accident

English: Car accident near Dammsjön, Säter Mun...

English: Car accident near Dammsjön, Säter Municipality, Sweden. Svenska: Trafikolycka nära Dammsjön, Säters kommun, Sverige. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Late Tuesday evening, Los Angeles witnessed a horrific automobile accident. Three victims were declared dead at the scene and one was rushed to the hospital – his situation unknown.

In South Los Angeles, a vehicle crashed into a pole and then burned from the resulting fire. Four people were involved in the accident, three of whom were impossible to save as the fire was too impenetrable, and one who had been ejected from the car and free from the flames’ grasp.

It is unclear currently what caused the accident, but evidence seems to point to the driver moving at high speeds. There also may have been a second car that fled the scene.

Tragic accidents like this remind people how easy it is to lose control of a vehicle. Sometimes the accidents that cause the most damage to the car will leave the driver and passengers unharmed; and sometimes hitting a pole can result in a much more destructive ending than expected.

Cars and car accidents are unpredictable. Other drivers are also unpredictable. Collisions can happen to anyone, so it is important to know what to do after one has occurred.

First, never leave the scene. Leaving the scene of an accident is a criminal offense. If Tuesday night’s accident did involve another driver, he/she will be criminally prosecuted if found. The police should be contacted immediately to assess the accident, damages, and injuries. Filing a police report is essential, especially if a trial arises from the crash.

It is crucial to take notes or pictures if possible. Having physical proof of what happened is one-hundred-percent reliable compared to memories. This is also why filing a police report is helpful as it’s an immediate recount of what just occurred. During the couple of days following the incident, write down details remembered and any injuries suffered, as they may not become apparent until then.

After that, filing an insurance claim is required. Whether at fault or not, each driver must file a claim to cover damages suffered. Having an attorney can be very helpful during this time, especially if the damages suffered are severe. Read more about how a great lawyer can help in any accident.

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Two Vehicle Car Crash Injures Three Commuters

2002-2004 Suzuki Aerio photographed in USA. Ca...

2002-2004 Suzuki Aerio photographed in USA. Category:Suzuki Aerio (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One car accident can yield many victims. One automobile can contain multiple passengers and if this car were to be involved in a collision, many people may be harmed. Sadly, this scenario was a reality to a few unlucky victims. In an accident that occurred on Thursday morning, June 12, a two vehicle crash took place in Garden Grove. Three people were injured in this accident.

An accident that took place on 9:30 a.m.—the time which is ripe for morning traffic, rush, and collisions—has harmed a few commuters travelling on the side streets. The crash took place at West Street and Orangewood Avenue and involved a Suzuki Aerio and a Mitsubishi Lancer. As of late, there have been a few conflicting reports of how the accident actually occurred.

According to Jason Perkins, a Garden Grove police officer, the Suzuki driver was going west on Orangewood Avenue when she entered the intersection when the light turned red. It is then that the Suzuki collided with the Mitsubishi Lancer which was traveling north on West Street.

The hit was hard enough to cause the Lancer to roll over in the street. The two passengers inside the vehicle, a man and a woman, were injured as a result of the incident. One normal commute has quickly turned into a horrid affair for the two Lancer commuters when their car flipped over. There was another passenger inside the Lancer, a young boy, who was thankfully unharmed.

Right after the collision, the wounded man and woman were immediately taken to the UCI medical center by the Anaheim fire department. The young boy accompanied the two adults to the emergency room. Even though he had come out unscratched, he still suffers from being traumatized by what he just witnessed and experienced.

The driver of the Suzuki, a female commuter, was also taken to a nearby hospital. The extent of her injuries has not been stated. No identities have been released of any of the injured passengers.

After the crash, the northbound West Street as well as the westbound Orangewood Avenue were briefly shut down to incoming traffic. Police officers investigated the scene and a correct report will soon be verified.

While many of us can be safe drivers, this does not necessarily mean we are safe from other negligent commuters. Car accidents still happen every day no matter how hard many of us try to avoid them. Even though victims have to suffer from their personal injuries afterwards, they do not have to be helpless. By contacting a Los Angeles car accident attorney, victims can take control of the situation and seek justice. Filing a personal injury claim can allow hurt individuals to gain the deserved compensation they need for their injuries, pain and suffering.