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Bicyclist Dead After Crashing Bike into Ravine

Old New Bike

Old New Bike (Photo credit: joeldinda)

When out riding his bike, Willis Veluz-Abraham crashed his bike into a ravine while in the Santa Monica Mountains. He was out riding at 9 a.m. when the incident occurred. Sadly, he did not survive the accident.

The victim was identified on Sunday, July 15. The accident took place near Stunt Road and Mulholland Highway. California Highway Patrol found out about the accident and then dispatched firefighters to search for the bicyclist. Events prior to the accident are unclear and officers are asking any witnesses with information about the crash to go ahead and give details to government officials.

Veluz-Abraham was married with two children. He and his wife, Melissa, had just recently had their second child together. The biker’s family, whom reside in Richmond, was shocked at the news they received about his accident.

The mountain biker lived a life of good health with his family. He worked at 21st Century Insurance. A coworker of Veluz-Abraham stated that the bicyclist was “always friendly and he always had a smile on his face.” His happy demeanor was noticed by friends and coworkers. They also attested to the fact that he like to spend time with his family, saying that he recently mentioned how he wanted to spend more quality time with his wife and children.

Despite work and biking, Veluz-Abraham was an active church member. He was originally from Northern California but moved down for schooling. He was a 1993 graduate of UCLA, majoring in English. Many friends and relatives are saying that Veluz-Abraham was an enjoyable and pleasant man to be around. All of his relatives are speaking about their grief that he had died this way.

Veluz-Abraham died a very sudden and surprising death. He was an active bicyclist and dedicated to the sport. These kind of mishaps always happen at unwanted times. There is no way to predict an accident and no way to bring back a loved one. Veluz-Abraham will always be remembered by his family and friends. His legacy will live on in their memories.

Bicycle accidents can often be dangerous and life-threatening. While Veluz-Abraham’s accident had no automobiles involved, other bike accidents do. If you have ever found yourself with personal injury as a result of careless driver colliding with you and your bike, consult with a Los Angeles personal injury attorney today. Getting into an accident can cost a lot of money and sometimes insurance agencies can not cover all of the extra expenses. By filing a claim, you are utilizing your rights to seek compensation that you are entitled to.