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Two University Neurosurgeons Banned From Medical Research

Seal of the University of California

Seal of the University of California (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Two doctors have been banned from doing any medical research. The University of California, Davis neurosurgeons were accused of experimenting on dying patients who had brain cancer without any permission from the university. This medical malpractice which the two university doctors have been involved in can do great damage to their reputation.

The two banned doctors are Dr. J. Paul Muizelaar, chairman of the UC Davis’ department of neurological surgery, and Dr. Rudolph J. Schrot, an assistant professor and neurosurgeon. With very prominent standings and reputations, the two surgeons committed horrible acts of medical malpractice, some of which could have lead to wrongful deaths.

The university has stated and told federal government that the duo had acted in “serious and continuing noncompliance” to federal regulations. There are documents which show evidence of the doctors obtaining the consent of three terminally ill patients and performing tests on them to test some theories they had. While the patients had open head wounds, Muizelaar and Schrot introduced bacteria into the wound thinking that the new bacteria might prolong their lives. Two out of the three terminally ill patients developed sepsis and died.

After receiving word of the practices Muizelaar had been performing, the school had commanded the surgeon to immediately stop and discontinue his research that involved human subjects. This warning was given to Muizelaar last fall.

Muizelaar and Schrot violated regulations by experimenting with drugs or devices. This violation can cause a “for-cause audit” by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The FDA has yet to notify the university of what actions they will take to reprimand the two surgeons. Other actions the FDA may choose to carry out is issuing a warning letter to disqualify the two men from any further clinical studies.

Dr. Muizelaar was School of Medicine department chairman for UC Davis since 1997. Dr. Schrot was hired by Muizelaar and has worked under the doctor for the last 13 years.

Muizelaar has stated that he and Schrot believed that the FDA had given them permission to perform their research early on since they had thought to have been given a go-ahead signal to carry out their research had they thought it to be “beneficial to the patients.” He believes the ban on research he and his colleague are receiving is an overreaction by the university.

University of California, Davis has a high ranking in terms of medical school. The University is the 36th in the nation in National Institutes of Health funding for medical research. The school received more than $130 million in 2011. Clearly, the school has a good reputation in helping with research in the medical world and advancing the findings of medicine. Sadly, one man such as Dr. Muizelaar and his colleague Dr. Schrot can damage the status of a highly acknowledge medical school. Conducting medical research or experiments on live human beings can be considered as medical malpractice if not allowed by government regulations.

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