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Chargers’ Running Back in Minor Car Accident

A popular sports athlete has been involved in a minor collision while in the Sports Arena. San Diego Chargers running back Ryan Mathews received minor injuries on Monday, July 30 after being involved in a two-vehicle collision around midnight. Luckily no major injuries were acquired from the car accident.

English: Ryan Mathews, a player on the San Die...

English: Ryan Mathews, a player on the San Diego Chargers American football team. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While driving down a road on his way to a team hotel, Mathews was going to the Interstate 8 at Sports Arena Boulevard when he lost control of his 2010 BMW. After losing control, his car drifted, causing him to turn the wheel which eventually made the BMW spin out. While his car spun out, that was when he hit another vehicle. The collision is what caused Mathews to have aches and minor pains the next day. The NFL player was taken to a hospital to be checked for any possible serious injuries.

The football star told reporters that he was only banged up “a little bit” at his elbow and was extremely sore the following day. He also told the press that he felt as if he had just played about four football games when he woke up the next morning.

The running back was suspected of driving too fast. However, neither alcohol nor drugs appeared to be involved in the accident. Fortunately, the driver in the other car was not hurt and did not receive any personal injury from the mishap.

The Southern Californian football team was off Monday but began training again on Tuesday afternoon. Mathews sat out the practice and just watched from the side lines. The coach, Norv Turner, said that Mathews has a “day to day” status because of his current condition.

Ryan Mathews joined the Chargers two years ago when he was the first draft pick in April of 2010. He has signed a five year contract with the NFL team.

Getting into a car accident can cause major whiplash and sometimes internal injuries that do not manifest or show up until days—sometimes even weeks—later. It was smart that Mathews went to the hospital following his car crash just to make sure he did not receive any injuries that can prevent him from playing football successfully.

It is important to not drive too fast and to be careful out on the road. It was lucky that neither Mathews nor the other driver was hurt when the BMW spun out. Besides Mathews professional football career, there are still other things to worry about—such as the safety of those in the road. If you have been involved in a car collision, make sure you go to the hospital and get checked up on a doctor. Your number one priority should be your health. And as soon as you are able, call a San Diego car accident attorney to consult about any personal injury you may have gotten as a result of the crash impact. Remember to drive safely and to fight for your rights.