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Peter Frampton Hurt from Crash Involving Texting Driver

Peter Frampton opens for Jethro Tull at the Ni...

Peter Frampton opens for Jethro Tull at the Nikon Jones Beach Theater (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Distracted driving can cause many fender benders and even serious personal injury cases. When another driver is talking on the phone or looking down to text, their full concentration is taken away from the road. When this kind of negligent driving is present on roads, it will surely cause some unwanted, unnecessary car accidents.

Unfortunately, there are many drivers who take the chance and text or make phone calls while driving. This kind of behavior will lead to personal injury and sometimes wrongful death. It is vital that drivers are attentive on the road and put distractions away. Singer and songwriter Peter Frampton, 62, was recently in a car accident involving a texting woman.

On Tuesday, July 31, the rock star was hit from behind while on a freeway in Los Angeles. He was on the freeway when the lady behind him hit the back of his car. Frampton says he has suffered whiplash from the impact with his neck and back hurting. After the accident, Frampton says that he might go to the ER later that day after his flight. The collision has also prompted the musician to tweet about the incident, encouraging drivers to pay attention on the road and not text when on the wheel.

After being involved in the incident, Frampton sent out a tweet through his Twitter saying “Texting woman driver just ran into back of me while I was stationary in traffic 101 freeway. Can u say whiplash? People put the phones down!” Frampton’s word of advice is a wise precaution and warning. When people are texting, their attention is focused on their phone and not on the drivers around them.

Peter Frampton is best known for his album “Frampton Comes Alive!” He was on the road to get to a show. Thankfully he was not badly injured so that he can continue his performances without any delays. His next show is in Minnesota on August 3rd.

Person using cell phone while driving.

Person using cell phone while driving. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Texting penalties in California are usually around $20 to $50. State and local penalties can also add on to the bill, making the bill total to about $100. While these fines are not necessarily heavy enough to scare drivers from breaking the law, texting while driving can still cause some serious accidents. Put the texting and the phone calls away when driving to limit any unnecessary distractions. Frampton’s frustration is reasonable in that he did not have to suffer from whiplash or soreness. This accident was purely someone else’s fault—and all because of texting.

If you have been victim to personal injury because of someone else’s careless driving, do not hesitate to call a Los Angeles car accident lawyer to help you with legal matters. Consider consulting with a lawyer if you have been hurt in an accident and do not allow yourself to be the victim any longer.