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Two Killed in Fatal DUI Accident


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Another fatal drunk driving accident has occurred. The laws are very strict regarding driving while intoxicated and rightfully so. Drunk driving can cause fatal casualties, not just for those intoxicated, but also for innocent victims around. In one recent incident, four people were involved in an alcohol-related crash.

On August 1, a deadly crash claimed two lives and injured two others. The driver of the vehicle, Christine Meng, was allegedly intoxicated when she decided to drive the car. Around 1 a.m. early Wednesday morning, the car driven by Meng and containing three other passengers, plunged off the interchange between the 10 and 710 freeways. Simon Magat, 23, and Joseph Almario, 21, were claimed dead on the scene. The third passenger, 22-year old Jason Lieu, survived the accident with non-fatal injuries. Meng, 22, survived the crash with a broken arm and three broken vertebrae.

Meng and Liu were immediately taken to the Los Angeles USC Medical Center once paramedics arrived. A breathalyzer test was performed on the driver and it was found that Meng’s blood alcohol level was over the legal limit at .11. Clearly, it was her intoxicated drinking and choice to drive that propelled the incident.

Meng will face a felony DUI and charges of manslaughter once she is released from the hospital.

The California Highway Patrol is investigating the crash. Meng was driving a Toyota Rav4 when she lost control of her car and crashed through a guard rail. The car then fell 100 feet below the road that connected the 10 and 710 freeways. It was a Caltrans worker who witnessed the crash and notified authorities.

The four friends were drinking at a downtown Los Angeles local bar. The bar is also being investigated by state officials since it is illegal for a bar and bartenders to serve alcohol to any customer who is obviously intoxicated. A bar may be responsible for actions leading to the drunkenness of the group and possibly the car accident. The bar currently has a clean record and has been serving alcohol since 2009. Even though the bar may also be at fault, it is hard to penalize a bar if there were no undercover policemen, documented video, and witnesses.

A photo was posted online before the crash. On Instragram, a photo of the four people holding drinks with a caption saying “Drrrannnks with the homies” can be found on one of the victim’s pages. The photo was also geotagged at “Villains Tavern.” Since it has been posted, there have been many comments and condolences written below the picture.

Joseph Almario was going to start school in the fall at California State University, Fullerton. School district communities are also expressing their loss for their alumni. Facebook messages, memorial services, and grief counseling has been held to help anyone during this saddening time.

Drunk driving is a serious offense since it can cause fatal personal injury. Being a victim to someone who was intoxicated while driving should not leave you burdened. Take legal action and call a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer to fight for your rights.