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Eva Longoria Settles Car Accident Lawsuit Out of Court

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Eva Longoria (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When a car accident claim is filed, most of them are settle outside of court. Trying to avoid the hassles and bad reputation a courtroom can give, many people opt to settle their claims in environments outside of courthouses and with the help of their attorneys. Movie actress Eva Longoria did just that when one man filed a lawsuit against her in 2010.

The lawsuit was filed back in 2010 by Roman Gasparyan. The two drivers were on Hollywood Boulevard, located in Los Angeles, when the TV actress lost control of her vehicle and crashed into his 2002 BMW. Eva was driving a 2010 BMW. When the crash happened, Gasparyan claimed that the actress had “red and bloodshot” eyes.

Gasparyan claims he was waiting to make a left turn while in the median of the road. Then Eva, coming from the opposite direction made a sudden lane change. Her sudden maneuvering caused her to swerve into the median, colliding with Gasparyan and damaging both cars. Gasparyan’s SUV was damaged from the car accident. Luckily, neither was seriously injured.

BMW driver Roman Gasparyan is seeking compensation for his car damages as well as the pain and suffering he had to endure. He claims that he experienced both physical and mental sufferings. However, it is unspecified on how much money he was seeking from his damages.

When the mishap occurred, Eva’s representative stated that “There is absolutely no truth to this claim, and any indications to the contrary are completely false and untrue.” Whether the driver was telling the truth is still not clear since the claim was settled out of court.

The case was about to go to trial on August 15 of this year at Los Angeles Superior Court. However, on August 3, a settlement was announced to the courthouse stating that the two were able to fix the situation. How much money was exchanged is unknown.

Tony Parker, professional basketball player and Eva’s ex-husband, had his name as the owner of the BMW motor. His name was the registered owner or the vehicle. He was not at all involved with the accident and it is still unclear whether he was involved in any way in the settlement.

Eva Longoria is normally out of the spotlight when it comes to car accidents and government laws. Compared to other Hollywood starlets, the Desperate Housewives star has a good legal record. It was lucky that the actress was able to settle all issues out of court and out of public eye.

When car accidents happen, it is sometimes necessary to file a claim in order to seek compensation for your loss or car damages. Contacting a Los Angeles personal injury attorney can help you deal with the aftermath of a vehicle collision and get you back on your feet again.