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High School Coach Facing Four Felonies

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One high school basketball coach, who was involved in a deadly DUI accident, is back in court again. Loren LeBeau, a basketball coach in a Fresno high school, had been drinking and driving on July 25 when he slammed his car into a family. The car accident resulted in a wrongful death of the family’s young boy along with serious personal injury on two other family members.

Loren LeBeau,42, was present in court on Thursday, August 9 with his attorney. He came in wearing an ankle bracelet which makes sure people are notified if LeBeau drinks any alcoholic beverages. His hearing took place Thursday morning because it was delayed when his attorney complained about how the charges were filed. There are currently four felonies being charged against the high school coach.

On July 25th, LeBeau was found with a 0.11% blood alcohol level after causing serious personal injury to his victims. He had been driving under the influence. In addition, the felon had left the scene of the accident where death and permanent injury had been caused.

The family whom LeBeau had slammed into had lost their seven-year old son, Donovan Maldonado. The Maldonado family had been riding their bikes on a trail near Shepherd and Milbrook when the incident occurred. The people injured in the automobile and bike accident include Donovan’s father and little sister.

LeBeau’s lawyer is questioning whether the charges against him were filed properly. However, prosecutors are telling the court that the basketball coach is a public risk for drinking and driving. During his court trial, the judge ordered the coach to surrender his driver’s license. He was also ordered to not drink any alcohol and to wear an ankle monitor that will measure his alcohol intake. The ankle monitor will notify authorities if the coach partakes in any alcohol drinking.

The lawyer of LeBeau, Jess Hammerschmidt, is claiming that his client is facing public scrutiny which is causing him some pain and suffering. His lawyer is stating that his client is currently in a state of shock and very upset. He also adds that LeBeau feels horrible for what he has done and is extremely devastated.

After being arrest, LeBeau was set free on a $256,000 bail. After Thursday’s hearing, the man’s bail was increased to more than $1 million bail.

LeBeau is on paid administrative leave from Central High School, where he was the varsity boys basketball coach.

If convicted, the school administrator could be facing up to 14 years in prison. He will be back in court next week. He is being charged with gross vehicle manslaughter amongst other things.

Drinking and driving is a very serious offense since it can cause some serious personal injury and even wrongful death. If you have been a victim to personal injury or have lost a loved one in a wrongful death accident, contact a Fresno car accident lawyer to see which next steps you should take.