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Two Sisters Shocked by Electric Jolt in Backyard Pool

backyard swimming pool

backyard swimming pool (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Southern California has been hit with a heat wave and residents are looking for different ways to cool down. From cold drinks to running air conditioners, individuals are looking for ways to escape the hot weather. Unfortunately for two people, an attempt to cool down in a pool has turned into a horrific event involving personal injury and an almost possible wrongful death.

Two sisters from Garden Grove were trying to cool down over the weekend by using the swimming pool in their backyard. While the two girls swam in the pool enjoying the day, a sudden electric jolt shocked both of the girls. The elder sister, a 23-year old, said she knew something was wrong when her younger sister, a 15-year old, was in the deep end and began to float face down.

Policemen and paramedics were called to the scene when the adults saw the troubling situation in their backyard. The 15-year old was pulled out of the pool by her father. She was lying face up on the pool deck when the police arrived. Her father and a family friend were performing CPR on the girl but she was unresponsive and pale. The 23-year old was out of the pool and was alert.

Seeing the younger girl unresponsive on the deck, officers began performing efforts to try to save her life. The paramedics then came. They took over the live-saving efforts and were able to restore the girl’s pulse and breathing. Both of the females were taken to the UCI Medical Center in Orange. The 15-year old sister remained in the hospital on Tuesday, August 14 but is expected to make a full recovery. Thankfully no further injuries were inflicted. As of right now, the girl does not seem to be suffering from any brain injuries or any physical pains.

As for the older sister, the 23-year old experienced shock to her legs and arms. She felt her arms go numb as she tried to swim and save her sister’s life. It was her father who also saved her and pulled her out of the pool. It was heroic and brave of the sister to try to save her younger sibling even though the pool was still charged with electricity. Thankfully, neither of the two siblings received serious personal injury and are recuperating just fine.

An investigation is ongoing as authorities are trying to figure out what caused the electric jolt in the pool. No further information about the girls’ identities or information about the case has been released.

While Southern Californians are trying to escape the heat wave, they must make sure to avoid any potential harm and accidents that can come their way. If you have been victim to personal injury, contact a Los Angeles personal injury attorney immediately to see how you can fight for justice.