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Motorcyclist Injured on the 101

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Motorcycle riders can receive serious personal injuries when they are involved in roadway accidents. It is important for motorcyclists to be careful when they are on freeways or side streets because of all the potential harm that can come their way. On Tuesday evening, August 14, one man was injured while riding his motorcycle in Novato.

A 56-year old man from Santa Rosa was riding his 2012 Triumph motorcycle when he collided with another vehicle. He was going northbound on Highway 101 of Atherton Avenue at about 35 to 40 miles per hour. Qi Qe White Elk Ross, 60, was driving his 1988 Dodge Ram pickup truck and also going around 35 to 40 mph. Samples was splitting traffic between lanes when Ross, who is from Penngrove, signaled and attempted to merge his automobile into a right lane where Samples was riding in.

When the pickup truck tried to merge in the lane, Samples responded by attempting to pass Ross on the right side of the pickup truck. However, his motorcycle struck the right, rear side of the vehicle causing the motorcyclists to be ejected. Samples landed on the far right-hand lane and his motorcycle also came to a stop further down the freeway.

California Highway Patrol responded and documented the accident. The Navato Fire paramedics also came to the accident site and brought Samples to a Santa Rosa hospital. He needed to be treated for his compound fracture on his lower left leg as well as for a major fracture to his left femur.

Ross was relatively uninjured and was able to escape the whole affair without any major personal injuries. Luckily no other drivers or passengers were involved in the motorcycle accident and no other injuries inflicted.

After the accident, the two right-hand lanes were closed briefly for 20 minutes while the paramedics and authorities transferred Samples to a local hospital.

When driving a motorcycle, the rider must be aware of the traffic and vehicles around him or her. Motorcyclists are more prone to personal injuries when they are involved in a collision. And in the state of California where splitting traffic is permitted, motorcycle riders need to be even more wary and careful out on the roads. An accident can happen at any given moment so it is very important for all drivers on the road to look out for the safety of each other.

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