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Never Harass Girls While Wearing Spandex

Back in the 80s, spandex was en vogue, along with leather and Aqua Net hairspray. All the hair bands used to wear spandex as they strutted their stuff on stage.

Glendale police allege that a 44-year-old Hollywood man sexually harassed teenage girls at the Glendale Galleria shopping mall.

English: Black disco jeans made from spandex

English: Black disco jeans made from spandex (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The man, Scott Basko, pleaded not guilty Tuesday to three misdemeanor counts of child molestation for allegedly making sexually explicit gestures at the girls — who ranged in age from 13 to 15 — on Monday, according to the Los Angeles County Superior Court criminal complaint.

Basko was arrested at 3:50 p.m. Monday after an employee notified police that the girls were hiding inside Cache clothing store to get away from him, according to police.

When officers approached Basko, he told them he was browsing, according to police reports. Basko reportedly told officers that his gum-chewing could have been mistaken for other actions.

The girls told police that Basko — whose zebra-print vest exposed his chest and midriff — began staring and winking at them when they were taking photographs of one another outside a mall store.

They also took a photo of him to show authorities “if he continued to act weird,” according to a police report.

When the girls began walking away, he allegedly followed, prompting one of them to yell “stop.”

They took cover inside a store, waited for 10 minutes and left, which is when they allegedly saw him leaning against a railing and staring at them. At that point, Basko allegedly made sexually explicit gestures with his tongue.

Police said that Basko, whose spandex outfit also included a feather boa and fedora, has been banned from the mall.

In a statement, Glendale Galleria General Manager Larry Martin said shoppers were expected to follow the mall’s code of conduct, which is posted throughout the property.

“If they do not,” he said, “there are actions that will be taken.”

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