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Joe Simpson Charged with Two DUI Counts

This image shows a white wine glass (WMF Easy)...

This image shows a white wine glass. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The father of two celebrity ladies is being charged on two accounts of driving under the influence. Joe Simpson, the music producer of both Jessica and Ashlee Simpson will be held on trial on August 30 after being caught of breaking the law two times.

Driving while intoxicated is a serious offense and can lead to serious personal injury. The laws are very strict about drunk driving in order to decrease the number of wrongful deaths and personal injuries that result from drivers who are intoxicated. It looks like the father of two famous pop stars did not get the memo on his first DUI.

Joe Simpson was charged with two misdemeanor counts this week for his arrest on suspicion of a DUI from earlier this month. When he was pulled over earlier this month, the father and music producer had a blood-alcohol level that was over the state’s drinking limit. He was arrested for that reason. And just recently, Joe Simpson was pulled over yet again.

This time, it was for the same intoxicated reason yet Simpson claims that he was not aware that he drank a little too much. With just a few cups of wine for dinner at a restaurant, the music producer thought he was still able to drive. In fact, when an officer pulled him over, he agreed to take a voluntary breathalyzer test. It was after the test which showed that his blood-alcohol level was above .08% that he realized he had one too many glasses of wine with his dinner.

Singers and sisters Jessica Simpson (left) and...

Singers and sisters Jessica Simpson (left) and Ashlee Simpson (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Maybe after this latest misdemeanor charge, Simpson will learn to no longer drink—however many glasses of wine he claims—and drive. It was very lucky that he did not crash his car into anybody else and did not inflict any bodily harm to other drivers and passengers.

When he was arrested on August 4, Simpson was caught during a DUI checkpoint in Sherman Oaks. The checkpoint was his first real run-in with the law. However, even though it may have been his first time, it will prove to be costly.

Joe Simpson will hear the result of his misdemeanor charges when he shows up to court on August 30. He can be put in jail from anywhere between three to six months along with a 36 month probation and a $1,000 fine. It will be up to the judge to decide what the consequences should be.

Driving while intoxicated is serious. The accidents and personal injury a drunk driver can cause is sometimes irreversible. Lives can be lost. If you have been victim to a car accident because of someone else’s negligent driving, contact a Los Angles personal injury lawyer today.