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One Injured in Freeway Shooting


(Photo credit: grendelkhan)

In the middle of the night, before early morning commuters crowded the freeway, an eerie accident occurred on one Californian freeway. A shooting took place on the Santa Monica 10 Freeway, injuring one passenger in the car. The personal injury, pain, and suffering caused must have resulted in so much distress for the victim of the crime.

Early on Monday, August 20, an 18-year old man was wounded from a gunshot aimed by another passing vehicle driver. At a seemingly calm and still night, around 3:15 a.m., at least two shots were fired near La Brea Avenue. The California Highway Patrol is still searching for the suspect responsible for injuring the 18-year old passenger who was sitting in the front passenger seat. Officials stated that the passenger was shot in the neck as he was sitting in a red Ford Mustang. The other two occupants of the automobile were not injured.

The Eastbound 10 Freeway was shut down Monday morning for a couple of hours as authorities investigated the shooting that took place. They believe that the gunshots were fired from a dark-colored pickup truck that passed by the red Mustang. Immediately after the shooting, the people in the car drove off the freeway and called 911.

The victim whom was shot was brought to the hospital and fortunately was in stable condition. Prior to the shooting, the three individuals in the Mustang had been at a nightclub and a gas station. When talking to the police, they said that they were unaware of doing anything that might have sparked the shooting. So far, LAPD has few clues as to what motivation the shooters had for issuing gunfire.

CHP issued a Sig Alert to shut down part of the freeway where the shooting took place in order to conduct investigation on the incident. However, while the Los Angeles Police Department was trying to shut down the Santa Monica freeway in order to start investigation, a police cruiser was almost hit by a motorist in a silver Lexus SUV who had failed to stop. The Lexus driver was taken into custody and tested for possible intoxication while driving. Thankfully, no police officers received any personal injury from the close collision.

Not too many commuters had to suffer the freeway being shut down as the road was reopened at 5 a.m.—right when the first leg of the morning traffic would begin to get heavy. Monday travelers did not have to worry of any traffic on the LA freeway.

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