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Husband Suspected In Murder Of Wife

Most people don’t realize that killing a spouse is far more common than people realize. Of course, there are some famous examples of wife-killing. Football legend O.J. Simpson murdered his ex-wife and her lover in 1994. Several years later Scott Peterson murdered his wife. These crimes can also happen in your neighborhood.

The search for a missing husband and wife has turned into a homicide investigation after the husband was found in San Diego on Thursday morning.

English: Pelican Hill at the south tip of Newp...

English: Pelican Hill at the south tip of Newport Beach CA. Aerial photo: D. Ramey Logan – please credit if used in work outside of Wiki projects. Thank you! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Two days after the couple went missing, and police officers saw signs of a struggle inside their home, police officials said they believe Quee Chadwick is the victim of a homicide. They have not found her body.

Officers were called to the couple’s million-dollar home in a gated community in Newport Beach at 7 p.m. Wednesday, according to a statement released by the Newport Beach police department.

A neighbor contacted authorities when she found the couple’s children had not been picked up for school that day.

Newport Beach police officials would not go into detail as to what was found inside the home on Almanzora on Wednesday, but said there were signs of a struggle and possible foul play.

Police began a search for Peter Chadwick and his wife Wednesday but decided not to release any details to the public because of the ongoing investigation.

At about 5:30 a.m. Thursday, Peter Chadwick contacted San Diego police.

Police declined to say why the Newport Beach man contacted police in San Diego.

After working with San Diego police, Newport Beach police took Chadwick into custody on suspicion of homicide.

Lowe said police had been searching for both Chadwick and his wife, but investigators began to focus on the possibility of homicide after he contacted police in San Diego.

Officers are now focusing their attention on finding Quee Chadwick, and searching the area that Peter Chadwick traveled 12 hours before contacting San Diego police. Lowe would not specify what area police were searching.

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