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Workplace Death At Tuna Company

It’s not uncommon for companies to take precautions to ensure the safety of their employees. It’s not just a good business practice to keep their employees safe; it’s mandated by state and federal law. Unfortunately, accidents do happen. Some accidents are life-changing; others are fatal. What happens when you die while performing your job duties? Who is responsible?

The Bumble Bee seafood worker cooked to death in an industrial oven last week was remembered as a hard worker who gave everything he had to his children.

unknown Bumble bee, New York

unknown Bumble bee, New York (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bumble Bee Foods executives have identified the worker as 62-year-old Jose Melena. He’d worked there for six years. The California Division of the Occupational Safety and Health is investigating the death.

His son, Antonio Melena, said that the family is still trying to come to terms with what happened.

Family members said Melena worked the late shift, placing tuna in large steamers. He was a very hard worker and always did his best.

Authorities initially reported that there was some sort of “industrial accident” at the plant in the 13100 block of Arctic Circle about 7 a.m. Thursday, according to Santa Fe Springs Fire Department Division Chief Michael Crook.

Crook said paramedics rushed to the plant and pronounced the man dead as soon as they arrived. No one else was injured in the incident.

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