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Brian Stow Attends World Series

Last year, he went to see his beloved Giants take on the Dodgers for opening day at Dodger Stadium. The Giants lost that game and so did Brian Stow. His life changed forever when a group of thugs savagely beat him.

Although Stow, who was brutally beaten at Dodger Stadium last year, attended Game 2 of the World Series, his family said he wanted to watch in private and asked that there be no public ceremony.

English: View of Dodger Stadium over the home ...

English: View of Dodger Stadium over the home team bullpen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thursday night’s game between the Giants and the Tigers in San Francisco is believed to be the first baseball game Stow has attended since the 2011 opening day assault.

Stow, a former paramedic and a father of two, suffered serious head trauma when he was attacked in the parking lot of Dodger Stadium after the opening day game between the Dodgers and Giants in 2011.

Two suspects, Louie Sanchez and Marvin Norwood, have been ordered to stand trial after a six-day preliminary hearing that included dramatic testimony from witnesses. Among other things, the witnesses recalled the chilling moment when Stow’s skull hit the pavement, and there was a recording of Norwood admitting to his mother that he was “involved” in the beating.

Stow’s family said his recovery has been up and down. The most recent post on the family blog, dated October 9, said: “As always, there are good days and not so good days.”

“His memory is very unpredictable and we don’t know what he will remember and what he won’t,” the family said. “We imagine that this is something that will be a part of his recovery for a long time.”

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