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Partisan Car Accidents

Car accidents are often preventable events that can affect everyone. Unfortunately, your political affiliation could prove to be a risk factor in certain cases.

Traffic accidents are not political, but for whatever reason, states that voted for President Obama in the 2012 election generally have a lower rate of traffic fatalities than those who voted for Mitt Romney.

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English: VOHR automobiles in Russia Русский: “Лада” одного из нарядов вневедомственной охраны города Северодвинска (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Analysts looking at the numbers can’t seem to find consensus on why that is.

When you look at the numbers from a 2010 National Highway Traffic Safety Administration report, there are 27 states in which the traffic deaths per 100,000 people was higher than the national average. Of those, 22 went to Romney in this month’s election while five went to Obama.

Of the remaining 23 states and the District of Columbia, which were below the national average, 21 went to Obama and 3 went to Romney.

Washington state had 6.79 deaths per 100,000 people in 2010, the sixth-fewest in the nation.

The District of Columbia (3.97 per 100,000) had the least while Wyoming (27.46 per 100,000) had the most.

According to an NBC News blog, some observers speculate that red states tend to have looser traffic laws while others suggest that some states have more, and better, trauma centers available to respond to victims of serious accidents. Some experts also suggest that fatalities per total miles traveled is a better measuring stick than per 100,000 people.

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