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Dog Euthanization Postponed Until January

Dogs are generally a trusted friend. Unfortunately, there are some dogs that are incredibly dangerous and need to be destroyed.

Bolt the dog gets to live until at least January 16, after a judge this morning stayed his euthanization for Tuesday by the Turlock Animal Services.

An Alaskan malamute, derived from the original...

An Alaskan malamute, derived from the original Inuit sled dog breed (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Stanislaus County Superior Court Judge Timothy Salter issued a stay until a scheduled hearing in January fighting the Alaskan malamute’s designation as a “vicious dog” by the city of Turlock.

Bolt’s owner, Turlock resident Dan Mendonca, has been fighting for his dog’s life since he was impounded November 7 by animal services after reportedly biting two women in the face in separate incidents. Both women, 20-year-old Turlock residents McKenzie Leedom and Macie Gilstrap, said the bites were unprovoked while at Mendonca’s house.

The women went to Emanuel Medical Center for their injuries. Gilstrap, who was bitten Sept. 29, required a staple in her chin; Leedom, who was bitten Oct. 28, had at least eight stitches to close punctures on both sides of her face.

An administrative hearing before Turlock Fire Chief Tim Lohman on November 27 determined Bolt was “vicious,” and Turlock City Manager Roy Wasden approved the recommendation for euthanization.

Bolt’s plight became public after Mendonca launched an online petition and Facebook page to garner support for his cause. Both pages have more than 5,500 signatures/likes.

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