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Plane Crash Kills 27

Aviation accidents don’t happen too often. When they do occur, however, they could be devastating. Not only will the lives of the passengers be shattered, but also the lives of those on the ground.

A military transport plane crashed in southern Kazakhstan on Tuesday, killing all 27 people on board, including the country’s acting border service chief.

Here are some mountains that are located outsi...

Here are some mountains that are located outside of Shymkent, Kazakhstan. The photo was taken by Russell Solomon in the summer of 2006. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Russian-made An-72 crashed about 7 p.m. local time (8 a.m. ET) about 12 miles from the city of Shymkent near the border with Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan’s Committee for National Security said in a statement.

Without specifying further details, authorities said an investigation was opened into the crash. No cause was given, but southern Kazakhstan over recent weeks has been buffeted by winds, heavy snows and low temperatures, causing widespread flight delays.

An eyewitness said he heard a loud explosion and saw flames at the crash site, the station reported.

The plane was carrying a crew of seven as well as 20 servicemen.

Kazakhstan’s acting border service chief, Turganbek Stambekov, was appointed in June, after a mass killing of 14 frontier troops in a remote Kazakh outpost near China the month before.

The Kazakh-Uzbek border stretches across 1,350 miles of Central Asian steppes and deserts.

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