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Serious Car Accident In The Midwest

Car accidents usually occur because of negligence. While a driver may not be intentionally causing a collision, their careless driving behavior is reason enough. Drivers have a responsibility to be responsible when they get behind the wheel. They must be attentive on the road and carefully watching out for other vehicles.

Authorities are investigating after passengers fled following a three-vehicle wreck near Midtown St. Louis Thursday night.

The first "automobile accident"?

The first “automobile accident”? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Authorities said an abandoned vehicle was struck by a vehicle in the eastbound lanes of Interstate 44 near Grand Boulevard around 10 p.m.

Moments later, a third vehicle crashed into the other two. The vehicles ended up in the middle of the interstate, forcing police to close the eastbound lanes for about 30 minutes.

At some point, occupants of one vehicle fled from the scene on foot, according to police. Officials have not determined why the passengers fled, but they are searching for them.

Emergency crews responded shortly after police arrived and transported multiple people to the hospital. The extent of the injuries is unknown.

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