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Ways to Beat Gas Prices

Los Angeles View 2011

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Living in Los Angeles puts a car through torture. The basic maintenance is required but additionally Los Angeles drivers must repair tires and axles more frequently due to the latest pothole; replace brake pads at twice as often as recommended because they are filed down to the rotors weekly by daily traffic jams; and change oil before 3,000 miles from fear of a burned up engine caused by the hour-long drives for eight-mile trips. Since you’re already dealing with these issues and extra costs, saving some cash on filling up could be quite helpful.

Out here, regular maintenance is automatic as we rely on our cars so heavily; however, simply changing the oil as needed is not the only upkeep that you can do to save money on gas. Factors that affect miles per gallon are engine tune-ups, wheel alignments, tire pressure, and filter replacements. If you keep your car maintained in these areas, your gas will be consumed correctly rather than wasted.

It is hard to avoid this type of driving on Los Angeles freeways; however, the constant and immediate stop-and-goes burn up gas as well. In traffic, by stopping leisurely rather than slamming on the brakes then immediately accelerating once more only to skid to a halt again will conserve fuel. This is also an excellent way to avoid car accidents, which in turn would alleviate traffic.

Driving at high speeds and high RPMs destroy gas conservation as well. Though it’s tempting to rev the engine and go from zero to eighty the moment you get a break in traffic, driving like that uses up a large amount of gas. Going from zero to sixty-five in a span of a few more seconds will be appreciated by your gas tank and your wallet.

Towing obviously eats up fuel, but also simply carrying large items can decrease your miles per gallon. Bikes, tools, even roof racks can cause an increase in the fuel required. If you don’t need these items in or on your car every day, remove them.

There are other tips for drivers to save money on gas, but their results are debatable. For one, it has been suggested that filling up in the morning is better because the gas is stored cooler, and hot gas expands. This way you are getting a full gallon’s worth rather than expanded gas that may not be an entire gallon. However, the gas that comes to the station is expected to already be hot and the time spent in the cool underground is likely too short to change enough to make an impact. However, filling up in the cool morning always will not take anything away: you could be getting more gas (awesome), or you’ll be getting the same amount that would be received later in the day.

It could also be helpful to refuel when you are not on empty. This could decrease the amount of air that goes into you tank, but again it may not make a real difference.

Saving gas is important, as is being a safe driver. If you think filling up your car is expensive, try being involved in a car accident. The expenses can get out of hand and without an attorney there to help file insurance claims and determine damages, you may pay more than you should. Read more about Accident Attorneys’ Group to see if we are the right fit for your legal needs.

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