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A Weekend of Accidents in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California. This picture was take...

Los Angeles, California. This picture was taken on descent into LAX. This is a view looking South at the 105/110 Freeway interchange. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last week’s events were horrific. First, there were the Boston Marathon bombs, then the explosions in Texas, and Friday there was a plane crash in Virginia, killing two. Though these disasters have been avoided geographically in California, the emotional impact of them has been felt by the state’s residents. But, this weekend in Los Angeles was devastated with accidents. Though these accidents do not have the same national impact as those that occurred this past week, they are still upsetting for those involved and for those locally.

On Friday morning, three of the Southbound 5 Freeway’s lanes were closed in Burbank after a man jumped from the Olive Avenue overpass to be hit by an oncoming tractor-trailer. Investigation began immediately after the accident occurred and the unidentified man was pronounced dead on site. Cities are continually trying to prevent suicides such as these by erecting barriers around dangerous bridges and overpasses; however, it is impossible to know where the next one will be.

On Sunday afternoon, Downey experienced a major accident where two people were rushed to the hospital with severe injuries after being ejected from a car. Their black BMW was speeding eastbound on the Glenn Anderson 105 Freeway when it overturned and burst into flames. The cause of the accident is still under investigation; however, it’s possible that the car hit a bump on the road that caused it to flip. The victims are still in the hospital.

Finally, the weekend’s accident misfortune hit Hollywood. Former Playboy model and reality television star, Kendra Wilkinson was taken to the hospital Sunday after she crashed her car. She was discharged from the hospital without any injuries; however, the accident has left her sore and in shock.

Accidents can happen to anyone at any time. Sometimes they cause serious injuries or even death; and other times people escape without a scratch. No matter the situation, it is helpful to have an attorney for what comes after. Contact a great accident attorney today.

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