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Toyota’s Uncontrolled Acceleration Causes Death and Lawsuit against the Manufacturer

2007-2009 Toyota Camry photographed in College...

2007-2009 Toyota Camry photographed in College Park, Maryland, USA. Category:Toyota Camry (XV40) Category:Silver Toyota sedans (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In Sacramento, another driver fell victim to a Camry’s inability to stop; but this time, the consequence was fatal. Mussarat Chaudhary drowned in the Sacramento River after her 2009 Toyota lunged forward into the water.

Toyota’s issues with the uncontrolled acceleration have caused attention, despite the company’s refusal to publicly announce them. This accident was clearly caused by the defect in the model. Chaudhary was on the phone with her daughter as she lost control of her vehicle, crying, “I can’t stop the vehicle, I can’t control the vehicle.” And then it was too late to do anything.

Because of the death of the wife and mother was caused by the company and not the woman herself, Chaudhary’s family is suing Toyota for damages and to create awareness of the manufacturing problem. Previous cases where drivers experienced uncontrolled acceleration have been settled out of court with Toyota, but now having an official lawsuit filed against the company could help prevent future injuries and deaths.

Toyota is currently in the middle of a recall involving Takata airbags in its early-2000 models. Though the fault lies with the airbag manufacturer, Toyota is receiving a large amount of negative attention. The negative attention stems from cases like Chaudhary’s and is really causing doubts for current and future Toyota owners.

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