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River Rescue Called Off

River Rescue Called Off

With the torrential rainfall over the last few days taking its toll on local police and fire personnel, a river rescue was called off Saturday morning after a reported car in the river turned out to only be a concrete barrier.

A jogger, running along the Los Angeles River, contacted fire officials after reportedly seeing a car in the raging river water.

Firefighters responded when they received other reports of a vehicle in the water near the 5 Freeway and Zoo Dr. in the Los Feliz area of Los Angeles.

Fire officials arrived on the scene around 8 a.m. and searched the area. Aerial footage showed several Los Angeles City firefighters in the area investigating the reports.

With the wicked weather, there are things you can do to be safe on the roads. Keep your eyes scanning the road ahead, looking for any potential hazards. Slow down, this will help compensate for a car’s longer stopping distance in the rain.

If a car begins to slip and lose traction, don’t slam on the brakes. In the rain, the limited traction will cause brakes to lock up and lengthen a car’s stopping distance.

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Source: NBC Southern California

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Wildfire in California Could Still Worsen


Wildfire (Photo credit: agrilifetoday)

In the San Bernardino foothills, the small town of Banning is currently experiencing an intense wildfire. Though firefighters were able to calm it yesterday, the future weather conditions may expunge their progress and expand the flames.

Currently the fire rests in a 4 ½ mile area and has only claimed one house. There have been no casualties but hundreds have already evacuated their homes. The fire is moving now toward the neighboring communities of Beaumont and Cherry Valley.

The gentleman who lost his home is 53-year-old Joe Kiener. He has resided in his Banning house since the 1970s, when it was purchased by his mother. His attitude toward his loss is uplifting, though. Because he was evacuated in time, he simply feels that “losing the house is just minimal. We can rebuild.”

Despite its current secure situation, firefighters are fearful of its containment as the wind speed is only going to increase as the week goes on. Wind speed ranges from 30-40 mph and with gusts that strong, the fire becomes unpredictable.

With the heavy wind speeds as well as the dry state of the land in Banning, the fire could continue blazing for a longer time and in more locations. It is unknown what damage this fire will cause, so it is extremely important to remain on guard and alert to evacuation notices.

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