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Officer Injured in Accident Caused by Texting Teen

English: Taken off the overpass over Californi...

English: Taken off the overpass over California State Route 78 at El Camino Real in Oceanside, California Español: Yo estaba en Oceanside, California cuando tomé esta fotographía de California State Route 78 y El Camino Real. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On Wednesday afternoon in Ramona, California, a new teen driver caused an accident that involved three vehicles and one police officer. All those involved in the accident were taken to the hospital with injuries.

The teen driver was on the eastbound side of the State Route 78 in a 2011 Ford Fusion. She then rear-ended a 61-year-old driver in a 2006 Chevrolet HHR who was stopped to make a left turn on Earlham Street.

The station wagon was then pushed into the intersection and hit a Chula Vista police officer who was riding his bike off duty. The officer was airlifted to the hospital after the crash caused him to fall from his bike and roll around the road; and the other two drivers were taken by ambulance to a doctor.

It has been reported that the officer suffered severe trauma and is critical condition. The teenager and the other driver are being treated for moderately serious injuries.

Upon investigation of the accident, law enforcement has found evidence that suggests the young woman was texting right before the collision. Texting while driving is against the law; and when they complete their investigation, she could face charges.

The State Route 78 was closed in an area for a while near Ramona Community Park.

Currently 41 out of 50 states ban texting while driving; and when the action causing accidents and injuries, the penalties become more serious.

If you or someone you know has been in an accident and requires legal assistance, contact a San Diego accident attorney. Our lawyers and staff can help you file claims and award you the best possible compensation for the damages that you suffered.

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Being Prepared for an Automobile Accident

English: Car accident near Dammsjön, Säter Mun...

English: Car accident near Dammsjön, Säter Municipality, Sweden. Svenska: Trafikolycka nära Dammsjön, Säters kommun, Sverige. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Late Tuesday evening, Los Angeles witnessed a horrific automobile accident. Three victims were declared dead at the scene and one was rushed to the hospital – his situation unknown.

In South Los Angeles, a vehicle crashed into a pole and then burned from the resulting fire. Four people were involved in the accident, three of whom were impossible to save as the fire was too impenetrable, and one who had been ejected from the car and free from the flames’ grasp.

It is unclear currently what caused the accident, but evidence seems to point to the driver moving at high speeds. There also may have been a second car that fled the scene.

Tragic accidents like this remind people how easy it is to lose control of a vehicle. Sometimes the accidents that cause the most damage to the car will leave the driver and passengers unharmed; and sometimes hitting a pole can result in a much more destructive ending than expected.

Cars and car accidents are unpredictable. Other drivers are also unpredictable. Collisions can happen to anyone, so it is important to know what to do after one has occurred.

First, never leave the scene. Leaving the scene of an accident is a criminal offense. If Tuesday night’s accident did involve another driver, he/she will be criminally prosecuted if found. The police should be contacted immediately to assess the accident, damages, and injuries. Filing a police report is essential, especially if a trial arises from the crash.

It is crucial to take notes or pictures if possible. Having physical proof of what happened is one-hundred-percent reliable compared to memories. This is also why filing a police report is helpful as it’s an immediate recount of what just occurred. During the couple of days following the incident, write down details remembered and any injuries suffered, as they may not become apparent until then.

After that, filing an insurance claim is required. Whether at fault or not, each driver must file a claim to cover damages suffered. Having an attorney can be very helpful during this time, especially if the damages suffered are severe. Read more about how a great lawyer can help in any accident.

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The Importance of Driving with Sufficient Insurance

St. Patrick's Day Collision  3 of 4

St. Patrick’s Day Collision 3 of 4 (Photo credit: 7mary3)

Sometimes it may seem like a good idea to drive without insurance. It’s expensive, confusing and a person only needs it when he/she gets pulled over or is in accident. Most people are unaware of how much driving uninsured can hurt themselves and others.

In California, fifteen percent of the population is uninsured and driving. Perhaps they are driving safely and abiding every street law, but that is unlikely. If a car accident occurs and the uninsured driver is not at fault, it is possible to file a claim and receive compensation; however, it usually requires an attorney and the compensation has potential to be incomplete. It is also protocol that the driver loses his/her license for a period of time.

If that same driver got into a car accident where he/she was at fault, then it would be his/her responsibility to cover damages for the other driver. This could mean out-of-pocket payment for medical bills, lost wages and property damage.

Many times it is not the uninsured driver that suffers the most. When insured drivers are hit by those who are uninsured, they become monetarily responsible for the accident. Either they must have the proper underinsured motorist coverage on their own plan; or they have to rely on out-of-pocket payment, assets that can be liquidated into compensation, or the financial cooperation of hospitals and auto repair shops.

Uninsured drivers affect the lives of others with their irresponsible driving. A small fender-bender may not seem like much for which to not get compensated or for which to pay someone else, but a major collision with serious injuries or even death can bankrupt the uninsured driver at fault as well as prohibit appropriate damages for the victim.

It is always a better choice to drive with insurance for you and for others. If you have been in an accident, whether you are insured or not, contact one of our great accident attorneys for a free consultation and help figuring out your next move.

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How Weather Affects Driving Conditions

Driving Cars in a Traffic Jam

Driving Cars in a Traffic Jam (Photo credit:

Everyone knows that rain and snow cause more accidents, so people have become more cautious when driving in those conditions; however, there are dangers that can occur while driving on the best of days, when people are not as responsive.

An interesting condition to consider the next time it’s warm is humidity levels and their effects on the road. Changes in moisture alter asphalt, melting and remolding it. The roads then become cracked, raveled and full of holes. Mixing all of that with the constant amount of vehicles zooming atop it creates a very hazardous street or highway. But most drivers do not think of that when it’s a good day for the beach.

Wind speed is also a major culprit in car accidents. Heavy gusts can occur in any weather and when it is sunny outside, drivers will not notice the wind until it has almost forced them into another lane. Depending on the location and surrounding lands, wind can impair visibility by blowing dirt or trash around the freeways. There is also the added risk of larger items being carried into the driving lanes.

Rain and snow obstruct a driver’s vision as well as the roads on which he/she is driving. The cement or asphalt beneath the vehicle is now covered with a slippery coat that does not stabilize car tires well. People also decrease their speed (which is recommended) and that causes sudden changes in traffic flow. The easiest way to get rear-ended is by someone who did not immediately notice the stopped car in front of him/her.

Fog can be just as dangerous and as unpredictable as rain or snow. Light fog is manageable, though irritating; heavy fog is chaotic. Brake lights are barely visible from feet away and each driver drives at a different speed, unaware of what’s ahead. Accidents are very likely in these conditions and traffic flow decreases to a stop.

Weather plays a major role in shaping drivers’ commutes. Whether it simply affects the speed of traffic or momentarily blinds people, it can be very dangerous. Traffic collisions can happen at any time and during any forecast, and finding the right car accident attorney is important.

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