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Police Search for Former Billionaire Club Member and Ex-Convict for Manslaughter Charges

San Francisco just before sunset. This panoram...

San Francisco just before sunset. This panorama was taken at the Twin Peaks and is stitched from 12 portrait format images. For stitching PTGUI was used. Français : San Francisco au coucher du soleil. Vue panoramique depuis Twin Peaks réaliée en assemblant 12 images format portrait avec PTGUI. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In August of last year, Edmond Ralph Capalla was hit and killed by a taxi cab while crossing the street in San Francisco. Justice has not been served, but it can be now.

San Francisco police are searching for Reza Eslaminia, a once wealthy man whose previous trial in the 1980s opened the public’s eyes to the Billionaire Boys Club, onto whom to press charges. He was connected to the 1984 death of his father and was later sentenced to life in prison. However, in an appeal, the charges were dropped and he moved to San Francisco after being freed.

Eslaminia and his father, Hedayat Eslaminia, a former Iranian government official lived in exile in the Bay area. Eslaminia became a member of the Billionaire Boys Club while living with father. This social club was an investment group that recruited sons of billionaires to join in on get-rich-quick schemes. The death of Eslaminia’s father was suspected to be a kind of botched extortion job.

Eslaminia and an associate were brought to trial. They were convicted of second-degree murder and sentenced to life without possibility of parole. In 2000, Eslaminia’s conviction was overturned and he was released from prison. He then began working as a taxi driver in San Francisco.

On the night of Capalla’s death, Eslaminia was driving his taxi and ran a red light. He then hit another car, spun out of control and crashed into Capalla, who was crossing the street. Police immediately arrested him for the crime, but a judge ruled that there was not enough evidence to charge him for a felony and he was released.

Law enforcement is now filing charges against him for misdemeanor manslaughter. The warrant was released on March 29 and he has still not been found. Eslaminia is also wanted in a 2008 DUI case from Los Angeles on a separate warrant.

Once he is arrested, he will be tried and faces possible jail time. It is important that he is captured, as his criminal record needs to be addressed and so future offenses can be stopped.

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