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Chris Brown Facing Charges after Minor Accident

Chris Brown

Chris Brown (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The R&B singer Chris Brown risked violating his probation last week when he hit another vehicle in Los Angeles. According to reports, Brown may not have given accurate insurance information to the other driver; and if that is true, he could be sentenced to jail.

On May 21, Brown’s Range Rover bumped into a Mercedes-Benz. There was no real damage to either car; however, common procedure is to exchange insurance and identification information. According to the other driver, Brown was very reluctant to give her the information and then the information that she finally obtained may have been false.

Brown is still on probation after assaulting his girlfriend Rihanna in 2009; and providing false insurance information violates that probation. Brown claims that the information was valid and that the other driver’s statements are incorrect. His attorneys have attempted to contact the victim of the accident, but they have not had much luck.

If Brown is found guilty in this matter, he can serve four years in jail. Though the accident was only minor and no real damage was done, his unwillingness to oblige may create severe consequences.

This is not the first time that Brown’s information lacked credibility or truth. He was required to serve time in community labor after the previously mentioned assault; and though he stated that it had been completed, there were no records of his attendance.

Car accidents can cause serious damage or minor dents; but either way, all of those involved must follow proper procedure. Driving without proper insurance or a valid I.D. is illegal. In this instance, the other driver did not experience serious damage to her car or herself; but in accidents that do demand reparation, dealing with insured drivers is much easier.

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