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All Elderly Passengers Escape Limo Fire

English: Lincoln Town Car Limousine

English: Lincoln Town Car Limousine (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On Sunday morning, in Walnut Creek, California, ten women successfully evacuated a limousine after it had caught fire. This accident occurred just a little over a month after the limousine fire that claimed the lives of five female nurses in the San Francisco Bay area.

Many of the women who escaped the flames were in their 90s. According to the report, they were all traveling to Sonoma to celebrate a friend’s 96th birthday.

According to the passengers’ statements, the driver told the women to exit the vehicle and the first ones out assisted the others who could not move as quickly. They were dependent on canes and walkers. Once they were all outside of limo, the passengers smelled smoke and seconds later, the flames erupted.

Fire crews arrived around 11:35 a.m. and were able to quickly extinguish the fire. The cause of the fire is still being investigated; however, the car’s electrical system is a likely cause at this point. The owner, Claudius Oliveira explains how the car is new, is maintained, and has been inspected; so the issue is the fault of the manufacturer.

The actual cause of the fire will not be immediately known, but the fact that they all were able to leave the vehicle without any injury is amazing. Many times, such as the one at the beginning of May, passengers are not as lucky.

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